Chapter 1662

Chapter 1662​


Five hundred elite soldiers jumped out of their vehicles and rushed forward to fight.

At this moment, the carriage of the large truck opened from the side, and it was densely packed with people.

These people were dressed in black attire, with faceless masks, holding steel knives, and had powerful auras. They were obviously martial arts masters.


The masked man on the roof of the car swung his long sword, and the warriors in the car immediately attacked him without any hesitation.

The two groups of people soon started a fierce fight.

Adam Spanner had more troops and horses, and they were well-trained, integrating offense and defense, and his momentum was amazing.

As for the masked killers, their combat power is equally impressive. In a group of five, they not only cooperate with each other tacitly, but they are also very fierce when charging.

For a while, the two sides were fighting back and forth, evenly matched.

Sterling Reidshu Si?”

Adam Spanner took a closer look and quickly saw the clues.

It was obvious that these masked killers were carefully selected warriors.

If it were a around the whole country sect, it would never be possible to be so uniform when fighting.

Only warriors who have undergone strict official training can reach such a level.

Looking at the entire Stonia, the only one who has this strength and this motive is the Sterling Reidshu Division.

Even powerful organizations like the Sterling Reidshu Division were mobilized. It seemed that the matter was more serious than he expected.

At this moment, five hundred miles away.

A remote mountain forest.

Scarlet Spanner is leading an elite team on a mission to suppress bandits.

They thought they would encounter some obstacles, but as soon as these bandits saw the regular army, they were like mice seeing cats. They immediately abandoned the stronghold and fled.

There wasn’t even any decent resistance.

Scarlet Spanner easily completed the mission without losing any soldiers or generals.


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