Chapter 1666

Chapter 1666​

The black mist bomb Abigail just threw was a hundred times more vicious than the white mist created before.

White mist is a chronic poison. After poisoning, the limbs will become weak and the person will fall unconscious. If rescued in time, there is still a chance of survival.

But the black mist is different. Its powerful corrosiveness can turn a living person into a corpse in just a few seconds.

And it was still the kind of corpse that was mutilated with blood and flesh and had no human shape.

“What a witch!”

Mark Montgomery looked at Abigail above her head and gritted her teeth with hatred.

A poisonous mist bomb wiped out elite soldiers several hundred meters away. This killing efficiency was simply astonishing.

If the opponent throws a few more, 99% of the people here will probably not be spared.

“How’s it going? You know how powerful this girl is, right?”

Abigail rode a giant eagle and shouted condescendingly: “Old man, if you know what’s going on, get out of here right away, or I’ll throw down a few more poisonous mist bombs and make sure you die without a burial place!”

As she spoke, she took out a few more black balls and shook them in her hand, full of threats.

The soldiers underground were frightened and scattered, looking for bunkers to hide.

However, there is no suitable hiding place in this wilderness to prevent the poisonous mist from invading.

The so-called bunker is just self-comfort.

Master Wei, what should we do now? How about we withdraw first?”

A commander ran forward sweating profusely, with panic on his face.

If they were dealing with Logan Rhys, they could move forward bravely with their large number of soldiers and generals.

But the problem was that Abigail’s poison was so powerful that they couldn’t even see anyone, so they suffered numerous casualties and died in such a miserable state that they really couldn’t withstand it.

They were all soldiers brought out by themselves, so naturally they couldn’t bear to die in vain.


Nestor glanced coldly: “The order from above is to kill Logan Rhys at all costs. Are you planning to become deserters?”

Master Wei! We are not trying to escape, we are just planning to stay away from the danger for the time being. It will not be too late to carry out the mission after we find a way to detoxify.” The commander explained.

“A hundred thousand troops were forced to flee by a little girl. If word of this gets out, how will your eight commanders lose their face? Where is the majesty of the royal family?” Nestor said coldly.

Master Wei, what do you think we should do? Our brothers can’t sacrifice their lives in vain, right?” the commander said with a sad face.

Neither advancing nor retreating, what should we do?

“A death order has been issued from above. Even if all 100,000 people die today, we must not take a step back!” Nestor’s eyes were cold.


Hearing this, the leader was dumbfounded.

If they can’t retreat even if they all die, wouldn’t they be treated as cannon fodder?

“Sir! The general’s military orders will be ignored. I can’t just watch my brother die in vain, so I have no choice but to disobey the order!”

The commander clasped his fists, stopped talking nonsense, turned around and left, shouting at the same time: “Brothers from the Red Letter Battalion, listen to my order and all retreat!”

“Escape from battle and disturb the morale of the army. You should be killed!”

Nestor suddenly reached out, grabbed the commander’s neck, and squeezed hard.


With a crisp sound, the commander’s neck was broken on the spot, and his entire head was torn off, with blood splattering everywhere.

His headless body trembled slightly before finally falling to the ground.

“Whoever dares to disobey and disrespect orders will be punished!”

Nestor grabbed the commander’s head and threw him directly into the Red Letter Camp.

This bloody and brutal scene shocked everyone, and they were so angry that they dared not speak out.

If you retreat now, you will not only be killed, but you will also be stigmatized as a deserter.

By then, not only will there be no pension, but the family members will also suffer.

So now they have no choice, even if they die, they have to fight hard!

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