Chapter 1668

Chapter 1668​

Looking back, I found that Nestor and others were still struggling in the white mist, and they couldn’t even tell their direction.


At this time, Dustin’s expression suddenly changed and he immediately stood in front of Abigail.

The whole body’s true energy spurted out, forming a Xuanwu shield on the body surface.

“call out–!”

The next second, a sharp black arrow pierced the sky, pierced the body of the giant eagle with lightning speed, and then hit the Xuanwu shield with its remaining force.


There was a loud bang.

The Xuanwu shield exploded on the spot, and the powerful impact directly knocked Dustin and the two away.

The giant eagle, which was pierced by a sharp arrow in the chest, died suddenly on the spot and fell from a high altitude without even letting out a scream.

Xiao Hei!”

Abigail exclaimed.

This giant eagle is the mount of the Sorceress of the Mystical Order, and it is a relic left by her mother.

She usually cherishes the giant eagle very much and even regards the giant eagle as a friend. She never expected that she would die here today.

“call out–!”

Along with a sound of breaking through the air, a second black arrow shot out from the woods and suddenly hit Dustin and the two who were still in the air.

This arrow is faster and more powerful, and contains the power to destroy the world.

Wherever the arrow passed, even the space was distorted.

“The sky!”

Dustin pointed his sword forward a little, and the sword in the sky behind him was instantly unsheathed, turned into a black light, and collided heavily with the arrow.


There was another loud noise.

The black arrow exploded, and Dustin’s Sky Sword was sent flying dozens of meters away, spinning in the air.

“What a powerful force!” Dustin looked solemn.

His Sky Sword was indestructible and could easily break whatever it encountered in the past.

Unexpectedly, he was shot back by an arrow today and almost lost control.

The strength of this archery man is truly unfathomable!

“Who stabbed someone in the back? Get out of here!”

Dustin shouted towards the mountains and forests in the distance.


Accompanied by a burst of laughter.

A middle-aged man with a thin build, dressed in fine clothes, suddenly rose into the air and landed firmly on the leaves of a big tree.

Its body floats with the wind, as light as a feather.

There is no breath leaking from the whole body, as if heaven and earth are integrated into one, and there is no trace of reality or reality at all.

“Did you just kill my Xiaohei?” Abigail gritted her teeth, her face full of anger.

“It’s just a beast. If you kill it, you’ll kill it.” The middle-aged man in fine clothes said calmly.

“You dare to kill my Xiao Hei, I want you to pay with your life!”

Abigail roared angrily and was about to step forward to take revenge, but Dustin reached out to stop him: “Don’t be impulsive! This person is not simple!”

“Hehehe… Little prince, we meet again after ten years of separation.” The middle-aged man in rich clothes said with a smile.

“Who are you?” Dustin asked in a deep voice.

“My surname is Sterling, and my given name is Reid Shu.” The middle-aged man in fine clothes bowed his hand.

“Are you Sterlingyang Shu?!” Dustin’s pupils shrank and his expression became more solemn.

Sterling Reidshu, a powerful grand master, is currently the director of the Sterling Reidshu Department.

Shocking list, ranked eighth!


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