Chapter 1674


Chapter 1674​

The sword’s edge has not yet come out, but it already has the potential to destroy the world.

The power of this sword is obviously more powerful and terrifying than the previous two swords.

Sterling Reidshu was so frightened that his whole body trembled, and goosebumps appeared on his skin.

Deep in his heart, there was a fear of death.

“What the hell are you doing hiding here? Come out and help!”

Sterling Reidshu tried his best and roared loudly.

Its sound was like thunder, resounding throughout the entire mountain range.

As soon as he finished speaking, a blue figure suddenly rose into the sky from the south direction, riding on the wind at extremely fast speeds.

At the same time, in the north direction, a black figure jumped out from the mountain forest, turned into a black mist, and floated over.

After getting closer, everyone discovered that the blue figure was a handsome middle-aged man.

The man held the sword with both hands, his face was cold, and his whole body was exuding a strong cold air.

Wherever he passed, the flowers, plants and trees were covered with frost.

The place to stay was even covered in ice for hundreds of meters, making people afraid to approach.

As for the black figure, the specific appearance cannot be seen clearly, only the black mist surrounds it, changing constantly, and it is impossible to tell whether it is a boy or a girl.

“Oh my God! Isn’t that the Lord of Frost City, Han Shuang? Why is he here too?”

“What? Hanshuang? That powerful man who is seventh on the astonishing list?”

“It’s not just Hanshuang. If I’m not mistaken, the person in that black mist should be the master of the black list, the old ghost ranked ninth on the shocking list!”

“First it’s Nestor, the top master in the field, then Sterling Reidshu, the director of the Sterling Reidshu Division, and then Bai Ye, the sword immortal. Now, even Han Shuang and Lao Gui are here. Oh my god, it’s really a fight between gods and gods today!”

“I met so many legendary figures at once, and I will die without regrets!”

The moment Hanshuang and Laogui appeared, they caused an uproar.

You must know that the people on the shocking list are all the top strong men in the world.

Normally, the dragons never come to an end, and meeting one of them is a blessing. But now so many of them suddenly appear, it’s like a dream.

Hanshuang from Hanshuang City came here to ask the Sword Immortal about his sword.”

Hanshuang held the sword with both hands and spoke coldly, his expression as frozen as ice, without any fluctuation.

“Jie Jie Jie…I have heard about the reputation of the Sword Immortal for a long time. I am old and incapable of talent, so I came here to learn from you.”

The old ghost hidden in the black mist let out a burst of harsh laughter.

“It seems like you two are here because of me?”

Bai Ye’s face was calm, neither sad nor happy.

“We were just in case, but we didn’t expect that the Sword Immortal would come all the way here, just as we wished.”

The old ghost smiled sinisterly and said: “If you can keep the Sword Immortal here forever, it will be a great achievement!”

“With just the few of you, can you keep me?” Bai Ye said sarcastically.

“Let’s try it. What if it works?” the old ghost said with a smile.

“Okay, I’ll give you a chance today. Come with me if you have the guts.”

Bai Ye took a step forward and jumped into the air, floating directly to the top of internal energyn Mountain.

Given their level, if they fight here, they can easily hurt innocent people.

Find a place with few people to show off your skills.

“City Lord Han, you are the strongest, how about you go first?” the old ghost asked tentatively.


Hanshuang didn’t say much. He stamped his feet suddenly and he rose up from the ground like an arrow from a string, quickly chasing Bai Ye.

Master Sterling, are you okay? Can we fight again?” The old ghost looked at Sterling Reidshu again.

“Can’t die.”

Sterling Reidshu took out a pill and drank it. After his energy and blood became smooth, he immediately jumped up and chased towards the top of the mountain.

He knew in his heart that if he were to fight alone, no one present would be Bai Ye’s opponent.

We must work together to besiege it in order to securely capture it.

Master Sterling, let me help you!”

The old ghost was the most alert, his whole body turned into a black mist, and he followed Sterlingyang Shu leisurely.

After the four people arrived, an unprecedented battle soon began…


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