Chapter 1682

Chapter 1682​

At the moment of contact, Hanshuang’s blood-colored sword exploded and turned into blood mist that filled the sky and dissipated.

Hanshuang, who was a man and a sword, flew out at the same time, his face was pale and he was vomiting blood.

On the other hand, the Dragon Bird Sword was also shaken and flew more than ten meters away. Finally, with a “familyg” sound, it was inserted into a rock.

“What a great opportunity! It’s now!”

Seeing the Dragon Bird Sword briefly lose control, Sterling Reidshu couldn’t help but his eyes lit up.

Without saying a word, he took action directly.

He suddenly bent his bow and set an arrow, activating the energy in his body and converging into a black arrow with surging energy.

The black arrow was filled with black light and a cold glow.

After quickly accumulating power, the final “whoosh” sound turned into a sharp black light and shot towards Bai Ye’s chest.

The arrow was fast and fierce, without any warning, and the timing was perfect.

It can be said to be an almost perfect sneak attack.

“Look, you’re still alive now!” A sinister smile appeared on Sterling Reidshu’s lips.

Although Bai Ye’s sword control skills are powerful, he has one biggest weakness, and that is his fear of being approached.

Because of the impact just now, the Dragon Bird Sword briefly lost control. Now Bai Ye doesn’t have any weapon in his hand, and his combat effectiveness is naturally greatly reduced.

And he wanted to seize this weakness and defeat Bai Ye with one arrow!


When Sterling Reidshu made a sneak attack, the old ghost also moved.

It turned into a black mist, went directly into the ground, and disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was already behind Bai Ye.

A sharp steel claw poked out from the black mist and struck Bai Ye’s back.

Silent and silent, hidden murderous intent.

“call out!”

Seeing that the black arrow was about to pierce the chest, Bai Ye suddenly stretched out his sword fingers and pinched it gently.


The black arrow, which contained powerful power, stopped instantly. The tail of the arrow was trembling, but it could not make any progress.

While holding the black arrow between his fingers, Bai Ya turned around at the same time and grabbed the steel claw thrust out by the old ghost.

The killing moves used by the two people in tandem were easily neutralized.

Has no effect at all.


Seeing this scene, Sterling Reidshu looked horrified.

The old ghost was so frightened that he immediately dropped his weapon and turned into black mist to escape.

They really didn’t expect that Bai Ya could block the sneak attack without any damage without the Dragon Bird Sword.

You know, they had just used their full strength, and they also launched the attack when they were not prepared.

The results of it?

The two people’s self-righteous killing moves were not worth mentioning in Bai Ye’s eyes.

The opponent doesn’t need to use a sword, just move his fingers to make their plans fail.

The gap between the two sides is really too big!

“Do you think it’s useful to use this trick in front of me?”

Bai Ye exerted force with his fingers, and the black arrow exploded.

He is called the Sword Immortal, not because of the Dragon Bird Sword, but because he is strong enough.

It is no exaggeration to say that even without the Dragon Bird Sword, even if there is only a branch or a piece of hair in his hand, he can still show unparalleled swordsmanship.


Suddenly, a thunder exploded in the sky.

Immediately afterwards, a fiery red spear emerged from the clouds.

From top to bottom, he stabbed Bai Ye fiercely.

This shot was earth-shattering, yet unprepared.

Wherever the gun passed, the space was distorted and the mountains shook.

It’s as if heaven’s punishment is coming, with a terrifying force that destroys all things, pressing down heavily!

At this moment, even Bai’s expression changed


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