Chapter 1684

Chapter 1684​

He kicked the gun shaft with his toes and retreated.

Due to the force of this kick, the Longdan Red Flame Spear was raised directly and collided with the Dragon Bird Sword in the air.


There was an explosion and light overflowed.

The two magic weapons separated at the first touch, and finally bounced back into their master’s hands.

Both sides were evenly matched, with no one taking advantage.

Li Yuanwu, you missed an opportunity to defeat me.”

With Bai Ye’s Dragon Bird Sword in hand, his whole aura suddenly became fierce: “If you had continued to attack just now, I would have been disabled even if I didn’t die. But unfortunately, you were afraid, you were afraid of getting hurt, and you were afraid of accidents, so you didn’t dare Taking risks, that’s your greatest weakness.”

There is a saying that the older you get, the more you fear death.

In his eyes, Li Yuanwu had been in seclusion for many years and had lost his strong heart.

Even if he has great cultivation, he still cannot exert his due strength.

“Hmph! It’s easy for me to kill you, so why take the risk?” Li Yuanwu pointed his spear at an angle.

“Really? Then let me learn from you, the master of your dragon-protecting pavilion!”

Bai Ye didn’t waste any time, and took the lead in attacking with the Dragon Bird Sword in hand.

After all, he is fighting alone and cannot delay for too long, otherwise it will only become more and more troublesome.

Even Li Yuanwu showed up, and the experts from Dragon Protection Pavilion were probably on their way.

We must fight quickly before we are surrounded.

Even at the risk of serious injury, Li Yuanwu must be forced back!

“Don’t overestimate your capabilities!”

Seeing Bai Ye drawing his sword, Li Yuanwu directly raised his spear and stabbed him without dodging.

The two extremely powerful men soon started a fierce battle.

Li Yuanwu’s spear was fierce and domineering. It was powerful and powerful when wielded. It could stab, pick, chop or block, and was unpredictable.

His terrifying strength, coupled with his superb spear skills, is like a god descending from the earth, unstoppable!

On the other hand, Bai Ye’s sword, although sharp, is mainly about dexterity.

When competing, they used their strengths to avoid weaknesses and maximized their own advantages.

Li Yuanwu, as the second strongest man on the world-shaking list, is higher than Bai Ye in terms of personal cultivation.

Of course, the level of cultivation is not the only factor that determines victory or defeat.

First of all, we must consider skills, weapons, killing moves, secret techniques, etc.

Also consider courage, determination and a strong will.

As the saying goes, when a person meets on a narrow road, the brave will win. Whether a person is strong or powerful depends on whether the other party dares to fight hard.

Although Bai Ye’s cultivation level was not as good as Li Yuanwu’s, he was already prepared to die before he came.

This is enough to make up for all shortcomings.

Therefore, no one can predict the outcome of the battle between the two until the last moment.

When the two powerful men on the top of the mountain had a decisive battle.

At this moment, at the foot of the mountain.

The battle between Dustin and Nestor is coming to an end.

The strength of the two men was equally comparable, and after a bloody battle, both sides were at the end of their tether.

Nestor was a little better. Although he was out of breath from exhaustion, he was basically uninjured because of the Vajra body protection.

On the other hand, Dustin, with all kinds of strong attacks and all kinds of desperate efforts, his body was already overstretched, and he only relied on pills and willpower to hold on.

If the fight continues like this, either one of them will die and the other will be seriously injured, or they will both die together.

“Go to hell!”

Dustin’s Sky Sword stabbed out again, straight into Nestor’s chest.


Just heard a roar.

A huge golden bell three feet high descended from the sky and protected Nestor inside.

The Sky Sword pierced the golden bell, sputtering out a large amount of fire, but it was still unable to break through the defense.

Inside the golden bell, Nestor had a cold expression on his face: “Logan RhysLogan Rhys, I admit that you are very powerful. You are proud enough to be able to push me to this point, but unfortunately, you still can’t kill me after all.

How about it? Are you angry? Angry? But what can you do?

You can’t do anything. Just like ten years ago, you can only watch your relatives and friends being killed one by one.

What The Kirin is, it’s just a joke.


At the end of the sentence, Nestor couldn’t help but laugh wildly, his words full of sarcasm.

However, he didn’t notice at all


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