Chapter 1687

Chapter 1687​


I saw a flash of sword light without any warning, and instantly penetrated Nestor’s neck.

Its speed is so fast that no one can react at all.


Nestor’s body trembled, and his whole body seemed to be petrified, frozen in place, motionless.

He widened his eyes and looked at Tyler Juding not far away, his eyes full of shock and astonishment.

He never dreamed that Tyler Juding would attack him, and that he would be so caught off guard.

Even now, he still can’t believe it.


Aren’t the two sides allies?

On the premise that he had no grievances and was still an ally, why did Tyler Juding kill him?

Could it be that it was just because he urged me a few words? Tyler Juding was made unhappy, so he was killed?

Isn’t this guy’s temper too bad?


There was a muffled sound.

Nestor’s head detached from his neck and fell heavily to the ground.

His eyes were as wide as bells, and his face was full of disbelief.

Until his death, he never expected such a result.

He finally escaped from Dustin Changsongli, and when he thought he had a chance to win, he was killed by Tyler Juding with a sword.

It’s really the fate that makes people.

“What’s going on? Mr. Wei…is dead?”

Everyone was stunned when they saw Nestor being killed by a sword.

Everyone was dumbfounded and their faces were full of shock.

I thought Tyler Juding’s appearance was a savior, but in the blink of an eye, the savior turned into a killer.

The top master in the palace, the tenth strong man on the world-shattering list, was killed by a sword just like that. He died inexplicably. It really felt like a dream.

“How…how could this happen?”

Mark Montgomery was so frightened that her scalp was numb and she was dumbfounded.

Nestor is the number one master in the palace and a member of the Dragon Protection Pavilion. He has strength and support.

Tyler Juding cut off his head when he disagreed with her. Is he crazy? !

“Uncle…did I read that correctly? That man killed the Theswe gelding?”

Abigail was so shocked that she almost dropped the poison bottle in her hand.

She really couldn’t understand the situation.

Aren’t the two sides allies? Why are they still killing each other? Is there some deep hatred between the two?

“You read that right, Theswe Shigou… is indeed dead.”

Dustin nodded stiffly, his heart also turbulent.

He and Tyler Juding have never met each other and have no friendship. Why should the other party help him?

Tyler Juding! Are you crazy?!”

After a brief moment of daze, Mark Montgomery cursed: “Master Wei is an official of the imperial court and a member of the Dragon Guard Pavilion. How dare you kill him? Do you know what crime you have committed? That is a serious crime of beheading! Even if you are a disciple of the Sword Sect, you will not escape death!”

“So much nonsense.”

Tyler Juding had no expression on his face, suddenly raised his sword, and swung it at Mark Montgomery in the air.


A sharp white sword light shot out of the air instantly.

The sword light swelled when it encountered the wind, and instantly spread to a length of more than ten meters. Like a crescent moon, it slashed hard at Mark Montgomery.


Mark Montgomery’s pupils shrank and he immediately raised his sword to block.


There was a loud bang.

Mark Montgomery’s sword was instantly cut off by the sword light, and his whole body was blown away a hundred meters away.

Finally, he fell heavily into the crowd, vomiting blood, his face was like gold paper, and he couldn’t even stand up.

Chapter 1688​

It was only then that everyone discovered that Nestor was still wearing a piece of black gold soft armor.

Although Wujin’s soft armor had collapsed, it blocked Dustin’s fatal blow at the critical moment and saved Nestor’s life.

“Cough cough cough…”

Nestor staggered to his feet while coughing up blood.

If he hadn’t practiced Da Luo Vajra Kung Fu, his physical strength was beyond that of ordinary people, and if he hadn’t been protected by black gold soft armor, Logan Rhys’s sword strike just now would have been fatal!

Of course, even if he was lucky enough to save his life now, he would still be seriously injured.

If the fight continues, the chances of winning are slim.

“Grudge! Die!”

Dustin didn’t hesitate at all, raised his sword and stabbed forward again.

However, as soon as he moved, he felt his feet go weak and almost fell to the ground. He could only use his sword to stick on the ground to barely support his body.

The sword blow just now completely drained his body.

The sequelae of the Rhys Family’s secret method have now appeared.

Now, it was difficult for him to even move his fingers, and he no longer had the energy to pursue.

Seeing this scene, Nestor was stunned for a moment, then laughed loudly: “Logan RhysLogan Rhys, I thought you were so powerful, but it turns out you are already at the end of your strength. How about it? You can’t even stand up now, right?”

Dustin gritted his teeth, trembled his body, and stood up straight little by little.

“Haha… Although the Rhys Family’s secret technique is powerful, the sequelae are equally serious. If I guess correctly, you are at the end of your rope now. Even if I don’t take action, you won’t be able to hold on much longer.” Nestor made a guess. Smiling quizzically.

Although he was seriously injured, he was in pretty good condition compared to Logan Rhys.

The most important thing is that the opponent is already a turtle in the urn and has no way to escape.

When the battle on the top of the mountain is over, it will be time for them to harvest.

“Humph! Don’t be too happy, I’m still here!” Abigail said coldly.

“Little girl, please stop pretending to be powerful. You are injured and the poison in your hand has been exhausted. We still have tens of thousands of troops here. No matter how powerful you are, how many can you kill?”

Nestor sneered: “If I were you, I would retreat immediately. Otherwise, when the experts from the Dragon Protection Pavilion arrive, you won’t even have a chance to escape!”

Abigail! You go first!”

Dustin held the sword in one hand, supporting his shaky body and trying not to let himself fall.

“Uncle, I said, we must die together!”

Abigail was not afraid at all, as if she was ready to fight to the end.

“Very good! Since you all want to die, then I will grant it to you!”

Nestor slowly raised his hand and pressed forward: “All soldiers obey the order and kill them immediately. Anyone who dares to retreat will be dealt with according to military law!”

As soon as these words came out, everyone who had been hesitant just now finally stopped hesitating and rushed forward.

Military orders are like mountains, and they must press forward even if they risk their lives.


At this time, a white sword suddenly fell from the sky and was inserted directly into the center of the battlefield.

The moment it landed, the white sword erupted with a powerful wave of energy, sending hundreds of soldiers rushing to the front flying away on the spot.

The fall caused people to fall over and scream.


Nestor’s pupils shrank and he looked up.

I saw a young man with a naked upper body and a handsome face slowly floating down.

The one who came was surprisingly the world-walking leader of the Sword Sect, Tyler Juding!

“Hahaha…it turns out to be Mr. Tyler. You came just in time. Logan Rhys is at the end of his strength. Kill him quickly. From now on, you will be the number one genius in the Dragonmarsh Kingdom!”

Nestor was not surprised but happy when he saw the visitor, and his smile became even brighter.

After all, the Sword Sect was considered a subordinate force of the Dragon Protection Pavilion and had to obey the orders of the Dragon Protection Pavilion in the past.

“Very good, here comes another strong support!”

Mark Montgomery’s eyes lit up and her face looked happy.

Tyler Juding’s force value is definitely the highest among the four young masters, and his natural strength is not weaker than Logan Rhys’s.

With such a swordsman genius here, the overall situation is decided.

“Uncle, this guy is unfathomable. I can’t seem to beat him. What should I do?” Abigail looked solemn.

“You run away first, and I’ll try my best to hold him back for you.”

Dustin took out a pill from his arms with trembling hands and fed it into his mouth.

Trying to use the last strength to fight for Abigail’s chance of survival.

“Master Tyler, don’t waste any more time, kill Logan Rhys quickly to avoid long nights and endless dreams!” Nestor began to urge.


Tyler Juding frowned slightly, then suddenly waved his hand and chopped off Nestor’s head with a sword.


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