Chapter 1688

Chapter 1688​

Just one sword strike almost killed Mark Montgomery.


Seeing this scene, everyone was shocked again.

If Tyler Juding killed Nestor, he was taking advantage of someone’s danger and won without using force.

So the sword just struck was a majestic crushing.

Mark Montgomery, who is also the fourth son of Stonia and is known as the strongest war god, can’t even catch Tyler Juding’s sword. It is really shocking.

The disparity in strength between the two sides is so huge that it’s almost like clouds and mud.

It was only then that everyone suddenly realized that this disciple of the Sword Sect, who was usually unobtrusive and low-key, was the most powerful figure among the four young masters of Stonia.

“My sword doesn’t like nameless people. Now, get out of here.”

Tyler Juding spoke calmly, his voice was not loud, but it resounded throughout the audience.

Several commanders looked at each other, in a dilemma.

A witch is already extremely difficult to deal with, and with Tyler Juding switching sides at the last minute, their chances of winning are slim.

It’s just that because of the military order, if you retreat at this time, you will definitely be held accountable when you return.

“Don’t get out? Then go die.”

Tyler Juding didn’t talk nonsense. Seeing that the army refused to retreat, he raised his sword again and slashed out from the air.


A larger, longer and more powerful sword light shot out in an instant, carrying terrifying power and crashing into the crowd.

For a moment, blood splattered everywhere and screams continued.

The originally densely packed army was cleared out of a vacuum area of several hundred meters in radius.

Looking around, there were corpses all over the ground, and most of them had been cut in half.

It looked terrible.

With just a simple sword strike, Tyler Juding killed more than a thousand people.

Its powerful strength is terrifying.


Tyler Juding shouted lowly.

A terrifying momentum suddenly broke out.

In an instant, the surrounding wind suddenly rose, flying sand and rocks, making everyone unable to open their eyes.

“Get out! Get out!”

The eight commanders were completely frightened. They shouted and commanded their troops and began to flee.

The power of Tyler Juding’s sword was truly terrifying.

They had a premonition that if they continued to stay here, their entire army would be annihilated in the end.

Even if he is punished after going back, it is better than dying here.

After Nestor’s death, the remaining tens of thousands of troops, under the threat of Tyler Juding, finally abandoned their helmets and armor and fled.

“Thank you…thank you.”

Abigail squeezed out a stiff smile and thanked Tyler Juding.

Tyler Juding said nothing, looked back at Dustin, and said calmly: “Let’s go quickly, the experts from the Dragon Protection Pavilion are almost here.”

“Why help me?” Dustin was a little confused.

“You don’t know who I am?” Tyler Juding raised his eyebrows slightly.

“I know who you are, but I don’t understand why you would take the risk to save me?” Dustin said.

“Your mother, Qin Suzhen, is my aunt.” Tyler Juding said astonishingly.

“Ah? Auntie?” Dustin’s expression froze.

what’s the situation? Could this person in front of him be his cousin?

No way? Is it such a coincidence?

“So, you are my…cousin?” Dustin asked tentatively.

“Yeah.” Tyler Juding nodded.

“Uh…” Dustin was speechless for a moment.

He really didn’t expect that he and Tyler Juding would have such a relationship.

The question is, why didn’t he know this before?

My mother seemed to have never mentioned this matter at all.


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