Chapter 1691

Chapter 1691​

At this moment, Li Yuanwu was shocked and confused, but more panicked.

He didn’t know why Bai also knew how to get out of the body, but he was very aware of the horror of it.

This is a strange method that ignores entities, ignores aura, ignores all defenses, and acts directly on the soul.

Invincible and unstoppable.

Looking at the whole world, no one except Cornelius Xuanji can take this move.

When Bai Ye’s soul left his body, his eyes, ears, mouth and nose began to slowly bleed, and fine cracks appeared on the surface of his skin.

Obviously, this is the sequelae of the soul leaving the body.

Before actually stepping into the land of fairyland, forcibly using this attack method will inevitably leave irreversible damage.

It can range from serious injuries to vitality, to death from body explosion.

That’s why Shiro didn’t use this move until the last moment.

Because this is a desperate move.

Li Yuanwu! You act arbitrarily and harm the common people. Today, I will send you to heaven!”

Bai Ye’s out-of-body spirit slowly floated towards Li Yuanwu.

Wherever it passed, the energy wave that had just stirred up stopped instantly.

The Dragon Bird Sword and the Gentian Red Flame Spear also stopped trembling and floated quietly in the air.

The surrounding smoke, fallen leaves, and breeze are all frozen.

At this moment, even time seemed to have stopped passing.

“No…don’t! Don’t!”

Li Yuanwu roared crazily in his heart and wanted to struggle, but found that he could not move at all.

Whether it was his hands, feet, body, eyes, ears, mouth, and nose, everything was out of control.

He could only watch helplessly as Bai Ye’s spirit got closer and closer, pushing him into the abyss.

The fear of death began to spread rapidly.

He fought hard, struggled hard, and tried to free himself from the restraints, but to no avail.

An unprecedented despair instantly filled his b

Am I going to die here today?

How can it be? !

I am the chosen one, the successor of the dragon vein, and the supreme leader of the entire dragon kingdom!

I am blessed with great fortune and overwhelming power. I alone can control the fate of the entire Dragonmarsh Kingdom!

How could someone like me die?

No! I’m not convinced!

I can’t die here, I want to live, I want to create greater glory, I want to become the co-owner of the world!

Li Yuanwu kept roaring in his heart, almost hysterical.

But in reality, he couldn’t even blink.


After Bai Ye’s soul approached, he slowly stretched out his sword finger and tapped Li Yuanwu’s eyebrows lightly.

The next second, Li Yuanwu’s whole body began to twist.

A white soul phantom struggled wildly inside his body, letting out a silent howl.

It can be clearly seen that the shadow of Li Yuanwu’s soul begins to quickly fade and become transparent.

If this continues, within three breaths, it will completely disappear.

Once the soul dissipates, Li Yuanwu’s body will naturally turn into a corpse.

“call out–!”

Just when Li Yuanwu was about to be killed, a black arrow containing powerful power suddenly shot out from behind and accurately hit Bai Ye’s back.

It’s Sterling Reidshu, making a sneak attack!


There was a loud bang.

At the moment of contact, the black arrow exploded, and Bai Ye’s body also shook violently.

The soul that had just emerged from the body instantly retracted into its body as if struck by lightning.

After the soul returned to his body, Bai Ye spat out a mouthful of blood. His face was pale and his expression was sluggish, as if his body had been drained.

Li Yuanwu, on the other hand, screamed and staggered back, sweating profusely and his body trembling uncontrollably.

Chapter 1692​


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