Chapter 1693

Chapter 1693​

“Quick! Run away!!”

Seeing the thunder and lightning coming, Bai Ye’s aura continued to surge.

Li Yuanwu was so frightened that his liver and gallbladder were split apart. He no longer had the courage to fight and fled directly.

If the soul left the body, it was the result of Bai Ye risking serious injury and using secret methods to activate it.

So now, the other party is truly broken.

Climb to the sky in one step from the ultimate Grandmaster, and enter the land of fairyland!

At this level, every move and every move is a devastating blow!

Not to mention that he was injured, even in the period of complete victory, even with dragon vein protection, he did not dare to resist head-on.

So now, the best way is to escape!

He believed that Shiro was only briefly broken, and would definitely fall down later and pay a heavy price.

Until then, they are lambs to be slaughtered.

“Dare to break the rules in front of me? You are simply seeking death!”

A fierce light flashed in Sterling Reidshu’s eyes. Thinking of his previous successful sneak attacks, he immediately bent his bow and set an arrow. He used all his energy to accumulate a powerful black arrow.

When the time was right, he aimed at Bai Ye’s chest and shot it with an arrow.

“call out!”

The black arrow turned into a black light and hit Bai Ye hard.

However, at the moment of contact, a purple lightning suddenly burst out, directly destroying the black arrow, and at the same time, it struck Sterling Reidshu with its remaining force.


There was a loud bang.

Sterling Reidshu was thrown hundreds of meters away by lightning, his whole body was charred black, his meridians were severed, and he finally fell high from the top of the mountain.

Life and death unknown.

Seeing this scene, the old ghost who was about to make a move just now was almost scared to death.

It immediately turned into a black mist and fled far away at extremely fast speeds, not daring to stop at all.

“Using the essence and blood as a guide and life as a medium, we can lead the thunder from the sky into the body and forcefully break through the realm.”

Bai Ye, you are such a life-threatening lunatic!”

Hanshuang looked at it from a distance, with a complex expression on his face.

While he was surprised, he was more impressed.

To forcefully enter the fairyland on land at the cost of one’s life is to seek death.

Regardless of whether it succeeds or not, there is only a dead end.

Uncle Bai! No!”

At the foot of the mountain, Dustin yelled crazily.

When the vision of heaven and earth appeared, he realized something was wrong.

Especially after seeing Bai Ye’s lightning attack and forcefully breaking through, he already understood everything.

The other party wants to fight a bloody path for him at the cost of his life.

“The name of Sword Immortal – well deserved!”

Tyler Juding watched from a distance and felt an unprecedented shock in his heart.

The terrestrial fairyland is the goal that all warriors must win, and it is also an achievement that is elusive and elusive.

Looking at the entire history of the Dragonmarsh Kingdom, there are many powerful masters at the Grand Master level, but there is only one who exists in the Land of Land Gods, and that is Cornelius Xuanji from Longhu Mountain.

But now, in addition to Cornelius Xuanji, there is another unsurpassable myth in this world.

On top of the mountain.

Bai Ye’s whole body was surrounded by purple light, and thunder from the sky continued to fall, hitting his body heavily.

His originally heroic face began to look older quickly, and his black hair also turned pale at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In just a few breaths, Bai Ye, who was in his prime, turned into a gray-haired old man.

Although he forcibly broke through the realm, his energy and energy had been completely drained, and his longevity was on the verge of ending.

Take blood as the guide and life as the medium.

Shiro sacrificed everything to get back unparalleled strength.

“My sword is called Dragon Slaying.”

“I hope that from now on, there will be peace forever and there will be no more strife in the world.”

Bai Ye raised the Dragon Bird Sword and waved it gently towards the sky.

Very simple, very unpretentious, nothing fancy.


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