Chapter 1695

Chapter 1695​

Li Yuanwu is dead.

Died in the wilderness.

The smell of blood from his body quickly attracted a group of wild dogs, who eventually devoured him.

No one expected that the master of the Dragon-protecting Pavilion, the second most powerful man on the world-shaking list, would actually die in a dog’s belly.

Not even the bones were left behind.

At this moment, inside the Dragon Protection Pavilion.

An emergency meeting was being held, and worshipers, elders, and deacons were all present.

It has been two hours since the Pavilion Master Li Yuanwu left seclusion, and he has still not been found.

If it’s normal, they don’t have to worry.

But Li Yuanwu faced off against Sword Immortal Bai Ye. Both of them were extremely powerful, and their strength was not much different.

If he fights alone, Li Yuanwu has a higher winning rate, but he is afraid that there is an ambush in the West Lucozia Palace.

“How’s it going? Is there any news from the Pavilion Master?”

An elder with a white beard walked into the meeting hall in a hurry.

Twenty or thirty people had already gathered in the spacious hall.

These are the top backbones of Dragon Protection Pavilion, who hold the power of the court and have influence all over the world.

In their eyes, the royal family is just a pawn. They are the real masters of the Dragonmarsh Kingdom.

“We have sent people to check, but there is no whereabouts yet.” A deacon replied.

“What did you do? You let the Pavilion Master go into danger alone? If something happens to the Pavilion Master, who among you will be responsible?!” Elder Whitebeard yelled angrily.

“Elder William, don’t worry. The Pavilion Master has unparalleled magical powers and is protected by dragon veins. As long as that old monster Cornelius Xuanji doesn’t take action, no one can be the Pavilion Master’s opponent,” the deacon said.

“It is said that two fists cannot defeat four hands. If the three masters of West Lucozia Palace come out together, even the master of the pavilion will not be able to get any advantage!” Elder Whitebeard said solemnly.

The reason why the Dragon Protection Pavilion has not suppressed the West Lucozia Palace too much over the years is because of its scruples.

On the one hand, they are worried about the 500,000 Black Dragon Army, and on the other hand, they are worried about the three masters of West Lucozia Palace.

Swordsman, drunkard, and massacrer.

Each of these three people is not a good person.

Once united, they are invincible and unstoppable.

“Elder William is overly worried. The West Lucozia Prince’s Palace is no longer able to protect itself. How can it still have the energy to send so many experts?” The deacon was a little unimpressed.

The Dragon Protection Pavilion has always been unfavorable, and the Pavilion Master is unparalleled in the world. Who can hurt the Pavilion Master?

“Don’t be afraid of ten thousand, just be afraid of the worst.” Elder Whitebeard frowned and said, “Where is the deputy master? Why hasn’t he come yet?”

“Back to Elder William, the deputy pavilion master is still in retreat and has told no one to disturb him,” another person replied.

“That’s all, this time I will personally lead the team to Qinshan to help the Pavilion Master.”

Elder Whitebeard said, just as he was about to lead people away.

A disciple of the Dragon Protection Pavilion suddenly ran into the meeting hall in a panic, and shouted with sweat on his head: “No, no, no! The jade tablet of life placed by the Pavilion Master in the Hall of Heroes suddenly broke!”


As soon as these words came out, the whole audience was shocked.

Everyone’s eyes widened, suspecting that they heard wrongly.

“What did you say? Say it again!”

Whitebeard was so excited that he grabbed the disciple of the Dragon Protection Pavilion by his collar and lifted him up.

“I…I just saw in the Hall of Heroes that the jade tablet of life enshrined by the pavilion master suddenly broke into two halves!” the disciple of the Dragon Protection Pavilion said in panic.

The key executives of Hulong Pavilion will enshrine a jade tablet of life in the Hall of Heroes.

Once someone dies, the corresponding jade tablet of life will immediately shatter.

He had met him once before, but it was only a deacon who died.

However, he never dreamed that he would be able to see the pavilion master’s jade medal shattered with his own eyes today.

This means that the master of the Dragon Protection Pavilion is dead!

“No! Impossible!”

“The Pavilion Master is unparalleled in the world, how could he die?”

“You must have seen it wrong!”

Whitebeard roared in disbelief.

He suddenly pushed away the disciples of the Dragon Protection Pavilion and led a group of people to run towards the Hall of Heroes.

When they walked into the temple and took a look, they felt as if they were struck by lightning and stood stunned on the spot.


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