Chapter 1696

Chapter 1696​

I saw that at the top of the Hall of Heroes, the jade tablet representing the life of the pavilion master had been cracked and broken into two halves.

You must know that the jade tablet of life is made of special materials and is invulnerable to fire and water.

It is almost impossible to damage it through external force.

Only when the owner of the jade token dies will the jade token break into pieces.

Although it is unbelievable, the fact is already before our eyes.

The master of the pavilion, Li Yuanwu, was indeed dead. His death was mysterious and without any warning.

“Pavilion Master! Pavilion Master!”

The white-bearded elder collapsed directly to the ground, crying and grieving endlessly.

He and Li Yuanwu were close friends of life and death. Now that the other party passed away suddenly, it was naturally difficult for him to accept it.

“Who is it? Who killed the Pavilion Master?!”

“No matter who it is, we must avenge the Pavilion Master!”

“All the disciples of Hulong Pavilion listened to the order and immediately went to Qinshan to cut the murderer into pieces!”

After a brief period of shock, the entire Dragon Protection Pavilion was boiling.

Up and down, people big and small quickly gathered together.

An extremely terrifying force, ready to strike.


At this time, there seemed to be thunder in the sky.

A terrifying coercion suddenly descended on the Dragon Protection Pavilion and enveloped the entire Longquan Mountain.

“what’s the situation?”

When everyone walked out of the Hall of Valor and took a look, they almost peed in fear.

In the distance, a huge purple sword light was seen in the sky, pressing quickly with the power to destroy the heaven and the earth.

This sword light is a thousand meters long, and its momentum is like a rainbow, soaring straight into the sky.

Wherever it passes, the heaven and earth tremble, everything becomes silent, and the space becomes distorted.

Seen from a distance, it simply blocks out the sky and the sun.

The bright sunlight was blocked, and the shadow of the sword light covered the entire mountain range.

The sky turned completely dark…

Seeing this scene, everyone felt their hearts tremble.

It was as if a huge mountain was pressing down on him, unable to move at all, and even his breathing stopped.

“My sword is called Dragon Slaying.”

“I hope that from now on, there will be peace forever and there will be no more strife in the world.”

At this time, a disembodied voice resounded throughout the world.

Together with the shocking sword light, they descended on Longquan Mountain.

“Quick! Start the mountain protection formation!”

Elder Whitebeard was the first to react and let out a panicked howl.

However it was too late.

The sword light was too fast. It only took a few seconds from its appearance to its approach.

When everyone in the pavilion came to their senses, the huge sword light like a mountain had already pressed down heavily and struck the entire Dragon Protection Pavilion.


There was an earth-shattering bang.

The luxurious palace-like Dragon Guard Pavilion was directly cut into pieces by the sword light.

All kinds of magnificent buildings collapsed on the spot and turned into powder.

Including Elder Whitebeard and all the masters of the Dragon Guard Pavilion, they completely disappeared under this sword, leaving no corpses behind.


There was another loud noise.

The sword light that destroyed the Dragon-protecting Pavilion continued to strike hard at Longquan Mountain.

The huge Longquan Mountain was directly divided into two by the sword light, reaching deep into the ground.

The dragon vein hidden under Longquan Mountain was not spared and was cut off by Lazy Yao.

When the dragon vein broke, in the crack, a white divine dragon suddenly rose into the sky, straight into the sky.

Finally, it turned into five white lights, scattered throughout the world, and disappeared.

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