Chapter 1700

Chapter 1700​

Firstly, they are cousins; secondly, after finally meeting a strong enemy, he naturally does not want the other party to languish.

After all, the feeling of being alone and seeking defeat is too boring.

Logan Rhys, you have to walk the rest of the way by yourself. We’

As he spoke, he waved to the back, signaling Dustin to be carried away for rescue.

“Don’t make a fuss, I’m fine.” Dustin shook his head.

“You’re vomiting blood, and you still say it’s okay? Brother, you are too capable, aren’t you?” Adam Spanner looked weird.

“I’m a doctor. I know everything about my health. I won’t die for a while anyway.” Dustin said.

“That’s good, that’s good.”

Adam Spanner breathed a sigh of relief: “We were intercepted on the road just now. They were the soldiers and horses of the Sterling Reidshu Division. Although I killed them and retreated, it also delayed the time. Fortunately, you are safe.”

“Brother Logan!”

At this time, an urgent cry sounded.

Scarlet Spanner, who was dressed in red and had silver hair, rushed over in a hurry.

She dashed all the way, knocking down anyone who stood in her way.

That magnificent face was filled with panic and worry.

ll see you later.”

After Tyler Juding said a word, he walked directly on the wind and quickly disappeared from sight.

The mission of the Sword Sect was to kill Logan Rhys, but he did the opposite and helped him.

The master’s side has to give an explanation after all.

Of course, his explanation was very simple. Anyone who dares to disobey should first ask about the sword in his hand.

“Uncle, how is your injury?” Abigail asked with concern.

“I’m fine.”

Dustin shook his head, glanced at the battlefield full of corpses, and said, “It’s not a good time to stay here for a long time. Let’s go back first.”

Although Li Yuanwu is dead, the Dragon Guard Pavilion has not been completely destroyed. If an expert arrives, he will not be able to cope with it in his current state and will have to retreat in time.

After the two of them walked onto the road, they drove straight to Stonia City.

However, just as the car was halfway down the road, a large number of soldiers and horses suddenly appeared in front of them, and they were fully armed.

As soon as these soldiers and horses appeared, they surrounded Dustin’s vehicle.

Seeing this scene, Abigail’s expression changed, she immediately took out the poison and said in a deep voice: “What the hell! Why are there still enemies?”

“Uncle, stay in the car while I go deal with these guys!”

With that said, Abigail was about to get out of the car and release the poison.

“Wait! They are not enemies! They are reinforcements!”

Dustin immediately stopped him.

“Huh? Reinforcements?”

Abigail was stunned for a moment, unable to react.

At this time, the leading vehicle on the opposite side suddenly opened, and Adam Spanner, who was covered in blood, walked over in a hurry.

Brother DustinBrother Dustin!”

Adam Spanner shouted while running, with an anxious look on his face. Especially after seeing Dustin covered in blood, his expression changed drastically: “****! Why are you injured like this? Hurry, hurry, medic!”


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