Chapter 1702

Chapter 1702​

“Because of its power, when the Dragon Protection Pavilion is destroyed, the impact will be particularly large. No one can be sure of what will happen. I just hope that you will not get involved in this whirlpool.” Dustin reminded.

“Being in Stonia and belonging to the four major royal families, how can we be alone? I’m afraid there’s no way to avoid this turmoil.” Adam Spanner shook his head.

The Dragon Guard Pavilion holds such great power, and once it is destroyed, the world will inevitably be in turmoil.

With the group leaderless, all parties and warlords are likely to dominate the mountain and take advantage of the opportunity to cause chaos.

At that time, the Spanner Family, as a royal family, naturally cannot stand idly by.

“The attitude of the royal family also determines my attitude.”

Dustin said without hesitation: “If the royal family is willing to coexist peacefully with us, then we will naturally keep to ourselves and guard the borders; if the royal family insists on being aggressive and denying us a way to survive, we will have no choice but to rise up.”


Scarlet Spanner said seriously: “No matter what brother Logan does, I will support you unconditionally!”

“And I and I…”

Abigail said quickly: “Uncle, if the emperor dares to harm you, I will help you poison him!”

Brother DustinBrother Dustin, you are really going to give me problems!”

Adam Spanner shook his head and said helplessly: “That’s all, I will sacrifice my life to accompany the gentleman. I just hope that the officials will not be confused, otherwise the Dragonmarsh Kingdom will soon change its owner…”

“The general trend of the world is that if it divides for a long time, it will unite, and if it unites for a long time, it will divide. Hulong Pavilion has occupied the mountain and been the king for many years. It has harmed countless loyal ministers and righteous people. Any force that does not obey its orders or threatens will be eradicated by it. Now it has reached this point. , it’s the way of heaven!” Scarlet Spanner said coldly.

How many people were killed or injured in the Forbidden City Incident?

Among them was Logan Rhys’s mother, Qin Suzhen.

In her eyes, Aunt internal energyn Suzhen was a very kind and gentle woman. She was always kind and charitable and had saved many people.

Even when facing beggars, Aunt internal energyn will treat them with courtesy.

However, such a good man died under the conspiracy of Dragon Guard Pavilion.

Buried with him were many loyal people who served the country.

Organizations like this will be destroyed sooner or later.

“Although the Dragon Protection Pavilion has been destroyed, there must still be remnants. This is still a force that cannot be ignored. I will continue to pursue it.” Dustin said seriously.

Li Yuanwu died, and most of the backbone of the Dragon Protection Pavilion was killed by Bai Ye with one sword, but the skinny camel was bigger than the horse.

The power of the Dragon Protection Pavilion is deeply rooted, and it is obviously impossible to completely eliminate it in a short period of time.

After today’s battle, West Lucozia Prince’s Mansion and Hulong Pavilion have completely broken up, and the two sides will definitely fight to the death in the future.

And his goal is to completely kill the remnants of the Dragon Guard Pavilion!

“Brother Logan, I think that in addition to the remnants of the Dragon Protection Pavilion, you must always pay attention to the movements of the royal family.”

Scarlet Spanner reminded: “Now that there are no restraints, the royal family should be back in power. However, the official family is seriously ill now, and there is not much time left. The princes are not wise kings. Once someone among them ascends to the throne, it is likely that you will be killed.” Considered a thorn in the side.”

The power of the West Lucozia Prince’s Palace was huge, and it had reached the point where its power was so great that it overshadowed its master.

The emperor of the current dynasty was quite sensible and knew that the Rhys Family was loyal and would not do anything excessive.

However, these princes are all small-minded and selfish people. If they ascend the throne in the future, they may make things difficult for them, or even stage a murder case ten years ago again.

This is what worries her most now.


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