Chapter 1705

Chapter 1705​

Late at night, Purple City, Reidxin Hall.

An old man with gray hair and a stooped figure was carefully reviewing the memorial.

The old man was listless, pale, and would cough violently from time to time.

After coughing, when the white handkerchief was taken off, traces of blood could still be seen on it.

The old man is none other than the current emperor, Li Weimin!

Guan Jia, you haven’t recovered from your illness yet, so you’d better have a good rest. It’s important to take care of your dragon body!”

A eunuch serving beside him finally couldn’t help but speak.

The reason why officials fell ill was because they were overworked, which led to physical overdraft.

As a result, he had just been lying down for a few days. After he recovered, he began to review memorials and deal with various matters all night long, as if he was sleepless.

If this continues, how can the body be able to tolerate it?

“It doesn’t matter, we’ll be done with it in a while.”

Li Weimin took a sip of tea and began to devote himself to work again.

Since the Dragon Vein was cut off, the government and the public have been shaken, and all kinds of rumors have continued.

In order to stabilize the situation, he could only declare to the outside world that he had recovered from his serious illness and was in good health.

Only in this way can the wolfish ambitions of some people be temporarily curbed.

However, he also knew in his heart that he could not hold on for too long. To stabilize the government, he must cut through the chaos quickly and decide on a successor as soon as possible.


The eunuch sighed.

It hurts in my eyes and hurts in my heart.

Officials have always worked hard to govern and love the country and the people. Unfortunately, they are too tired and their health is getting worse.

However, none of his sons could worry about it, and no one could share the worries of the official family.

“The official…”

At this time, another eunuch walked in quietly and whispered: “Princess Margaret has arrived.”

“Oh? Margaret is here? Invite them in.”

Li Weimin finally put down the memorial and straightened his appearance to make himself look more energetic.

Soon, under the leadership of the eunuch, Margaret and Dustin walked into the Nourishing Heart Hall one after another.

In order to deceive others, Dustin even changed into eunuch’s clothes, which made him look presentable.

“Father, the person you want to see has been brought here.” Margaret saluted respectfully.


Dustin looked at the people around him and felt quite surprised.

Although I knew that Margaret was a member of the royal family, I didn’t expect that the other party was actually the princess of the dynasty.

“You two go down first.”

Li Weimin waved his hand to signal the two eunuchs to leave, then waved to Dustin and said with a smile: “Logan, sit down.”

“The common people don’t dare.” Dustin lowered his head slightly.

“Haha… You wouldn’t have been so polite in the past. You were so bold that you dared to sit on the throne.” Li Weimin said with a smile.

“At the beginning, the common people were young and ignorant, so I asked the officials to forgive me.” Dustin said.

“Okay, don’t be so formal. We are not kings and ministers tonight, but uncles and nephews. Sit down.” Li Weimin smiled.

“Thank you, officials.”

Dustin nodded, and finally sat next to him as he was told.

Margaret, on the other hand, poured tea for the two of them very wisely.

Logan, I haven’t seen you for ten years, but you have changed so much that I almost don’t recognize you.” Li Weimin sighed.

“The official family… is still so powerful.”

Dustin looked up, his pupils narrowed, and he sai


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