Chapter 1706

Chapter 1706​

The Li Weimin in front of him is completely different from what he was ten years ago.

Ten years ago, Li Weimin was a man of great talent, high-spirited and majestic as the leader of a country.

However, now Li Weimin is not only mentally depressed and physically weak, but also looks very old, looking like a dying old man.

The problem is, Li Weimin is only in his fifties.

At this age, he should be considered in his prime now. How could he be so old?

“When did you kid learn to flatter me?”

Li Weimin laughed dumbly: “But this is good, a little less sharp, a little more calm, and becoming more mature.”

Dustin lowered his head slightly and said nothing.

Before the tragedy that year, the relationship between the two families was very good, and his father and Li Weimin were brothers and talked about everything.

But now, everything has changed.

Although the assassination was caused by the Dragon Guard Pavilion, it does not rule out that the royal family was also involved.

So now, his attitude towards Li Weimin is basically ambiguous.

If Li Weimin is willing to be honest with each other, then the two can continue to communicate. If the other party keeps talking about him, tonight’s meeting will be meaningless.

Logan, are you curious as to why I want to have a secret conversation with you tonight?” Li Weimin suddenly changed the topic.

“I wonder what the official’s orders are?” Dustin was neither humble nor overbearing.

“The reason why I came to you is, on the one hand, to resolve the grievances of the past, and on the other hand, I also want to ask for something.”

Li Weimin did not hide anything and said directly: “Today’s visit to internal energyxia Temple, I believe you should know some truth.

As an emperor, I seem to have a good life, but I can’t help myself with many things.

When you were assassinated, I should have given you my full support and fought against the Dragon Protection Pavilion with your father.

But I’m too scared,

I have always felt guilty about this incident. For the past ten years, I have spent every day and night in regret and self-blame.

If I had been more courageous, maybe your mother would not have died, and the tragedy that year would not have happened.

It’s a pity that there is no regret medicine in the world. If you make one mistake, you will make mistakes every step of the way.

Here, I want to tell you, I’m sorry. ”

Li Weimin bent over, his head lowered, his face full of guilt.


Margaret was stunned for a moment.

She didn’t expect that her father, who had always been strong-willed, would take the initiative to apologize, and he would apologize to a minister as the king of a country.

This is unprecedented.

“Officials, what is past is past.”

Dustin’s heart was in turmoil, but he remained calm on the surface.

Li Weimin was willing to admit his mistake and apologize, which was something he didn’t expect. Most of the previous hostility was gone at this moment.

Thinking from his perspective, Li Weimin did nothing wrong, and the other party was just trying to protect himself.

Of course, he can forgive the other party’s inaction, but it is impossible for the two families to go back to the past.

Logan, actually I have to say thank you. Although the dragon’s veins were cut off, which affected the fate of the country, it also destroyed the scourge of Dragon Protection Pavilion.”

“For ten years, I have been secretly accumulating strength in order to overthrow the rule of Dragon Protection Pavilion.”

“I didn’t expect that by some mistake, you managed to do this for me in advance, so I have to thank you.”

“Of course, although the Dragon Protection Pavilion has been destroyed on the surface, there are still some remnants left. You must be extremely careful during the next period of time.”

“If nothing else happens, the remnants of the Dragon Guard Pavilion will take crazy revenge on you.” Li Weimin reminded with a serious face.

The Dragon Protection Pavilion tree has large roots and deep roots, so it is obviously impossible to completely destroy it.

It is no exaggeration to say that half of the court officials at that time had close contacts with Dragon Protection Pavilion.

If you want to eradicate the weeds, you have to plan well.


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