Chapter 1707

Chapter 1707​

“Thank you for the official reminder. I’m already mentally prepared for this matter.”

Dustin said calmly: “Even if the Dragon Protection Pavilion doesn’t come to me, I will go to them. In a word, I will never give up until the Dragon Protection Pavilion is destroyed!”

“It’s great that you have this awareness. In this regard, I will fully support you and provide you with everything you need.” Li Weimin said seriously.

“The common people thanked the officials.” Dustin nodded slightly but did not refuse.

No matter what happened in the past, at least now, both sides have a common enemy and can temporarily cooperate.

As for the future, it’s all about bridges returning to bridges and roads returning to roads.

Logan, I know you still have some unanswered questions in your heart. Just ask, and I will tell you everything I know tonight.” Li Weimin said.

“I do have a question and I want to ask the instructor.”

Dustin seemed to have thought of something, and suddenly said: “I wonder if the officials know the specific whereabouts of Song Zun?”

Although the Dragon Protection Pavilion was destroyed, the truth of what happened back then has not yet been fully revealed.

Previously, prince wales said that there was a traitor in West Lucozia‘s palace, and it was Song Zun, the general of West Lucozia‘s army.

This man is talented in both literature and military affairs, and has great military achievements. He is also his father’s close friend in life and death.

He couldn’t understand why such a talented person would betray West Lucozia and work for Hulong Pavilion?

He must ask clearly, and at the same time, recover the blood debt of the year!

Song Zun?”

Li Weimin‘s pupils shrank and he said meaningfully: “This person is not simple! He planned the assassination incident back then. He later escaped by feigning death and continued to live under a different identity. He is a very dignified figure.”

“So, the officials know the whereabouts of Song Zun?” Dustin raised his eyebrows slightly.

“I don’t know exactly where Song Zun is, but I know his true identity after changing his appearance.” Li Weimin said.

“Oh? What’s his name now?” Dustin asked.

Song Zun has now changed his surname to Ji to Yuan Zun, and people respectfully call him Mr. Whitaker.” Li Weimin said.

“What? Song Zun is actually Mr. Whitaker?” Dustin‘s expression changed slightly.

He had always been curious about the origin of the mysterious Mr. Whitaker, but he didn’t expect that it was actually Song Zun‘s pseudonym.

For a moment, he became even more confused.

Ten years ago, Song Zun transformed into Mr. Whitaker and rescued the seriously injured Lorenzo, and visited him personally every once in a while.

If Song Zun was a traitor, why did he do this?

Could it be that the other party used Lorenzo as a bait and deliberately induced him to appear?

The key is that Lorenzo‘s address and information were provided by his stepmother Princess Elara.

If this matter is a trap, doesn’t it mean that Princess Elara is also highly suspicious?

Thinking about it this way, it’s really scary to think about it!

Song Zun not only changed his surname and name, but also has another level of identity, that is, the deputy master of the Dragon Protection Pavilion!” Li Weimin said something shocking again.

“Deputy Master of Dragon Protection Pavilion?”

Dustin‘s frown deepened: “So, he betrayed West Lucozia and my father just for the position of deputy pavilion master?”

“It’s not that simple.” Li Weimin shook his head: “To be precise, Song Zun has been a member of the Dragon Protection Pavilion from the beginning. He approached your father because he had other motives. The betrayal back then was planned by the Dragon Protection Pavilion. One ring.”

“It turns out that Song Zun has always been an undercover agent. Thanks to our trust in him, everything turned out to be fake. Friendship, loyalty, and friendship between life and death are all a joke!” Dustin said with a gloomy face and a cold light in his eyes. Looming.

Logan, I have investigated today. Although the Dragon Protection Pavilion was destroyed and most of the top management were injured or killed, Song Zun‘s body was not found inside, so it is very possible that he is still alive.” Li Weimin reminded.


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