Chapter 1709

Chapter 1709​

Dustin calmed down and quickly replied: “Guan family, I have never met many princes, and I don’t know much about this matter at all, so I can’t make an evaluation. Please forgive me.”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand. I’ll explain it to you in detail.”

Li Weimin did not give up and continued: “My eldest son has a stable character and has studied with me since he was a child. He may not be able to expand the territory, but he is more than enough to maintain it. It is a pity that he is weak and has constant illnesses all year round. He is really not suitable to be the leader of the country. .”

At the end of the sentence, I couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

His eldest son can be called a wise king, but he does not have the emperor’s destiny.

An expert once calculated that his eldest son would not live to be thirty-six years old. Once he passed the throne to the other party, he would probably die in a few years after all the hard work and hard work.

“The eldest prince is not suitable, what about the second prince?” Dustin asked back.

“Although my second son is strong and brave, he is too arrogant and arrogant. No one takes him seriously. He cannot be considered a wise king.” Li Weimin shook his head.

My second son has been practicing martial arts since he was a child, and he is indeed very brave. Unfortunately, he lacks brains and acts impulsively. Being a general is fine, but being an emperor is obviously not suitable.

“I heard that the third prince is capable of both literary and martial arts, so he should be suitable for him, right?” Dustin said again.

“Yeah, a lot of people say that.”

Li Weimin sighed: “The third child has brains and means. From all aspects, he is the most suitable successor. But there is only one thing that gives me a headache, that is, the third child has no tolerance for others. Such Human beings cannot be a good ruler.”

The third son is both civil and military, but he is very narrow-minded. He is not only jealous, but also very suspicious.

Such a person can hear good and bad things but not bad words. He can tolerate mediocrity but not talented people.

If this continues, the Dragonmarsh Kingdom will decline sooner or later.

Therefore, in his eyes, his third son was also unfit to be an emperor.

“There are many heirs in the official family, so there should be better candidates, right?” Dustin asked tentatively.

“The remaining sons are either not capable enough or are too young to take on important roles, so I am very troubled now. How should I choose?” Li Weimin rubbed his temples.

Throughout the ages, princes have been chosen with great care.

If there is no problem with his body, there is no need to worry. You can also slowly examine and cultivate him.

The problem is that he doesn’t have much time now and must choose a successor as soon as possible in order to stabilize the overall situation.

“Sigh… It would be great if Margaret was a man, so I don’t have to worry and can be relieved as soon as possible.” Li Weimin sighed again.

The sons are not up to par, but the daughters are very good.

Especially Margaret, who has both political integrity and talent, outstanding ability, almost perfect, and is the most suitable successor.

It’s a pity that she is born as a girl and cannot become emperor.

What an act of God!

Guan Jia, I can’t solve the problem that even you are troubled by.” Dustin shook his head.

Throughout the dynasties, the battle for the crown prince has been accompanied by bloodshed. He has enough troubles now and really does not want to get involved in this whirlpool.

“Others can’t solve it, but you can.”

Li Weimin said meaningfully: “You are the future King of West Lucozia, and you are also the pillar of the country. Your opinions are very important. I will choose whoever you choose!”


Dustin’s face froze, a little caught off guard.

If Li Weimin’s previous words were just to solicit opinions, then now, he was asked to make the final decision.

This meaning is completely different.


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