Chapter 1712

Chapter 1712​

Dustin frowned slightly: “Then, among your brothers, who do you think is the most suitable to be the king?”

“What? Trying to trick me?”

Margaret smiled softly: “This is a problem that my father has given you, and it should be solved by you. I can’t help you, and I can’t help you.”

“You, a disciple of Qin Tian Jian, are really incompetent!” Dustin shook his head helplessly.

The position of crown prince is related to the rise and fall of the country. He really didn’t expect that this heavy burden would fall on him.

The most important thing is that no matter who he chooses, he will offend several other extremely powerful princes.

By then, there will definitely be trouble.

“You don’t have to be too anxious. My father has given you time to think about it. You can make a careful investigation to see which prince has more potential? Or is it more in line with the wishes of your West Lucozia Palace?” Margaret said meaningfully.

“Oh…it’s such a troublesome thing.” Dustin only felt a headache.

“Oh, by the way, there’s another question.”

At this time, Dustin seemed to have thought of something and suddenly asked: “Why do you wear a veil and hat all day long? Is there anything shameful about being the top of the rouge list?”

“My face will bring a lot of trouble, so it’s better to hide it; of course, if you want to see it, I can let you have a look, but I don’t know if you have the courage?” Margaret smiled half-heartedly.

“Haha… I’ve never seen big winds and waves, so I’m afraid to look at you? What a joke!” Dustin sneered.

“Are you sure you want to see it?” Margaret asked again.

“Of course! I don’t believe you still have three heads and six arms!” Dustin raised his head.

“Okay, then you can lift the veil yourself and see the true face.”

Margaret smiled meaningfully: “But I have already sworn that if anyone lifts my veil with his own hands and sees my face, I must marry him.”


As soon as these words came out, Dustin immediately retracted the hand he had just stretched out in fear: “Forget it, forget it, I won’t read it anymore. I’m very sleepy. Send me home to sleep.”

“Look at your potential!” Margaret chuckled.

The person in front of him was more interesting than he expected.

Late at night, when Dustin and Margaret walked out of the palace gate, a group of people suddenly appeared at the corner in front.

The leader was a middle-aged man wearing fine clothes and carrying himself in an extraordinary manner.

The guards behind him are all martial arts masters, obviously not simple.

“The villain Qian Jin has met Princess Anyang and the Crown Prince of West Lucozia.”

A middle-aged man in rich attire took the lead to step forward and salute Dustin and Margaret respectfully.

In terms of etiquette, there is nothing wrong with it.

But his simple words made Dustin and the two secretly surprised.

You must know that they all entered the Forbidden City in disguise. They were very hidden along the way and no one knew about it.

Why was he stopped as soon as he left the palace?

And as soon as the other party spoke, they named their identities, as if they knew them well.

In this Forbidden City, there are really hidden dragons and crouching tigers!

“Who are you?” Margaret asked.

“Your Highness, Princess, I am a retainer of the eldest prince, and I have been specially ordered to invite the Prince of West Lucozia to the mansion.” Qian Jin replied with his head lowered.

“The eldest prince?”

Dustin and Margaret looked at each other, already guessing something in their hearts.

To be able to receive the news so quickly and make corresponding preparations, it is obvious that the eldest prince has placed his own spies in the Reidxin Palace.

For a prince, this has crossed the line.


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