Chapter 1713

Chapter 1713​

Lord internal energyan, I wonder why the eldest prince summoned him late at night?” Dustin pretended to be unaware.

“Master heard that His Royal Highness the Prince has returned to Stonia, and has always wanted to catch up with you. The moonlight is beautiful tonight, which is very suitable for drinking and talking.” Qian Jin lowered his head and said.

Master internal energyan, how about another day? I am too tired tonight and just want to go home and fall asleep. I will definitely visit you another day.” Dustin crossed his fists.

This is absolutely true.

He had fought several battles today, was seriously injured and was exhausted both physically and mentally. He really wanted to have a good sleep.

The result was good, first Margaret came to visit, then the officials summoned him, and now even the eldest prince’s people came.

Not giving him any time to breathe.

“Your Highness, the master has prepared wine and food and is waiting in the mansion. If Your Highness feels tired, you may wish to meet the master first and then rest in the mansion. I will arrange everything for you.” Qian Jin always smiled.

Dustin looked helpless and could only turn to Margaret for help, hoping that the other party could say something.

“Brother the Emperor is so enthusiastic. All the carriages, horses, wine and food are prepared. You have to give me some face.” Margaret smiled softly: “Get in the car, I will accompany you.”

“Thank you, Your Highness, Princess, thank you, Your Highness, Your Highness, please.” Qian Jin immediately bowed and invited.

“I’m really going to get killed by you!”

Dustin glared at Margaret and had no choice but to get on the carriage.

Looking at today’s posture, it’s impossible to hide.

Once he refuses, he will definitely offend the eldest prince and cause some unnecessary trouble.

And he hates trouble the most.

“Aren’t you always confused about who to choose? If you meet my eldest brother tonight, maybe there will be an outcome.” Margaret smiled half-heartedly.


Dustin was no longer in the mood to reply. He leaned on the carriage and fell asleep, his eyelids constantly twitching.

But he didn’t dare to really sleep, so he could only force himself to stay awake as much as possible.

After all, he is now a thorn in the side of the remnants of the Dragon Guard Pavilion, and there is no telling when he will encounter an assassin.

So we still have to be vigilant at all times to avoid capsizing in the gutter.

The carriage drove at a constant speed for about twenty minutes and finally stopped.

When I opened the car door curtain, I saw a very luxurious courtyard building standing in front of me.

Because there has never been a crown prince, there will be a huge gap between the rich and the poor among the princes.

If the mother’s family is powerful, then they will naturally be like a fish in water and enjoy endless prosperity and wealth.

On the contrary, the treatment of some down-and-out princes will be much worse because they do not have backstage support.

Of course, the eldest prince is obviously not in this case.

Judging from the other party’s luxurious mansion and well-informed information, its backstage is obviously not simple.

“Your Highness the Princess, Your Highness the Crown Prince, please come inside. The master has been waiting for you for a long time.”

Qian Jin lowered his head, bent his waist, and respectfully invited Dustin and the other two people in.

Walking into the mansion, the decoration inside is even more luxurious.

Not to mention the precious ornaments in the house, even the most common flowers, plants and trees are extremely rare species in the outside world and cannot be replaced with a thousand dollars.

Even Dustin couldn’t help but be secretly surprised by this rich financial resources.

Under the leadership of Qian JinDustin and Margaret made many twists and turns and finally arrived at the main hall.

At this moment, in the main hall.

A handsome man about thirty years old was drinking tea slowly.

His face was a little pale, his body looked very thin, and he had a somewhat melancholy temperament between his eyebrows, making him look like a frail scholar.

This person is none other than the eldest prince of the Dragonmarsh Kingdom, Li Wenxing.

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