Chapter 1715

Chapter 1715​

The The Sky Eyes is one of the three sacred objects in the martial arts world.

As famous as the Sky Spirit Orb, it is a treasure that countless people dream of.

The The Sky Eyes is very magical and has endless uses.

Not only can he see through all illusions, but he can also decipher many sophisticated formations.

For example, if you mistakenly enter an illusion, or are trapped by a formation, you can immediately find the flaw by using your heavenly eyes.

Not only that, the Sky Eyes can also play a key role when fighting against others.

All the enemy’s attack methods, including weaknesses and killing moves, can be quickly seen through.

Even in terms of treasure hunting and appraisal, The Sky Eyes also has unique advantages.

Is it a baby? How much is it worth? Where exactly is it hidden?

The eyes of heaven can tell at a glance.

Dustin didn’t expect that there was such a treasure hidden in the eldest prince’s mansion.

Logan really has a good eye!”

Li Wenxing smiled and said: “This object is indeed the The Sky Eyes. I have treasured it for many years and have never shown it to anyone. Today you and I are destined, so I will give this object to you as a meeting gift.”

“Absolutely not!”

Dustin waved his hands repeatedly: “This thing is too precious and the common people cannot afford it. Please take it back, Your Highness.”

“Hey! As the saying goes, treasures are given to heroes. If this thing is left in my hand, it will just gather dust and be of no use at all. Only by giving it to you can it exert its proper effect. Keep it, and you don’t have to be polite to me.” Li Wenxing pushed the treasure box forward.

“Your Highness, no reward for no merit, I really can’t accept this treasure.” Dustin shook his head again.

“How many years am I older than you? I have always regarded you as a younger brother. What does it mean for an older brother to give you a gift?”

Li Wenxing couldn’t help but stuff the treasure box into Dustin’s arms, and deliberately said with a straight face: “Take it, if you refuse it I will get angry.”

“This…” Dustin looked in a dilemma.

Logan, your eyes will be of great use to you today!”

Li Wenxing suddenly said mysteriously: “The dragon veins were destroyed, and the five strands of dragon origin energy were scattered throughout the world. To find these five strands of dragon origin energy, it is undoubtedly a needle in a haystack, but with the The Sky Eyes, the situation is completely different. .

Within a radius of ten miles, The Sky Eyes can sense the existence of any exotic treasure and give corresponding guidance.

With it, if you want to find the energy of dragon source, you will be like a fish in water, even more powerful than a tiger! ”

“Why do you think, Your Highness, that I will look for the energy of the dragon source?” Dustin suddenly asked.

Margaret said this before, and now Li Wenxing says the same.

He really doesn’t understand, what’s so good about Longdollar internal energy?

“For warriors, the internal energy of the Dragon Source is a rare treasure of heaven and earth. Finding one of it is a great opportunity. If all five strands of the internal energy of the Dragon Source are gathered together, it will be enough for you to directly step into the land of God. Wonderland!” Li Wenxing said in high spirits.

“Terrestrial fairyland?” Dustin’s eyelids twitched, and his face was full of surprise: “The energy of dragon source actually has such a wonderful effect?”


Li Wenxing nodded heavily: “Now that the news has spread, all the sects in the world have taken action. Whether it is Jian ZongBalermo Martial Alliance, or Mystical Order, they have all joined the treasure hunting army. Whoever finds the Dragon Source internal energy first , who is the supreme one in the world!”

“If that’s the case, why doesn’t His Highness lead someone to find it himself? With the help of the The Sky Eyes, it should be easier to succeed.” Dustin asked.


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