Chapter 1716

Chapter 1716​

“I have been weak and sick since I was a child. I can’t stand the hardships. Traveling through mountains and rivers is not suitable for me. Besides, I am just a scholar. What do I need this dragon source energy to improve my cultivation?

Don’t hesitate, take it. You are the future King of West Lucozia and the pillar of the country. The stronger you are, the more prosperous the country will be.

If I have the chance to inherit the throne, I will share the world with you and create glory together! “

Li Wenxing smiled and patted Dustin on the shoulder. The last sentence was very obvious.

If you accept my baby, you have to support me in my rise to power. This way you are good and I am good and everyone is good.

“It’s hard to refuse His Highness’s kindness, so the ordinary people will just thank you.”

Now that the words have come to this, Dustin can no longer refuse.

The main reason is that the The Sky Eyes plays a huge role in finding the dragon’s source of energy.

And the energy of the dragon source can quickly improve his cultivation level, and can even allow him to reach the sky in one step and directly enter the land of gods!

For a warrior, this is undoubtedly a fatal temptation.

Even if it was against his conscience, he would accept this gift.

The two chatted for a while in the main hall and roughly confirmed the cooperative relationship.

It wasn’t until Margaret finished picking out the treasures and walked in again that Dustin chose to say goodbye and leave.

There was nothing he could do, he was too sleepy to care about greetings, he just wanted to go home and take a nap.

When I walked out of Li Wenxing’s mansion, it was already one o’clock at midnight.

Dustin was so sleepy that he couldn’t open his eyes and yawned again and again.

After getting in the car, Margaret glanced at the treasure box in Dustin’s arms, and said with a half-smile: “It seems that you have reached a deal with the eldest brother?”

“I can’t help it. He gave me too much. I really don’t know how to refuse.” Dustin shook his head.

“I didn’t expect that a dignified The Kirin would be confused by wealth and lust.”

Margaret’s tone was a little playful: “Have you ever considered that if you agree to support the eldest brother to ascend to the throne, the other princes will regard you as a thorn in their side.”

“Of course I know this, so I will only help secretly and will never support openly, otherwise it will be too troublesome.” Dustin replied.

“As my father said, the eldest brother is indeed a wise king, and he is tolerant, but unfortunately he is weak and sick, and his lifespan is short. Are you sure you want to choose him?” Margaret asked tentatively.

“What can I do? It’s all that old fox…it’s all your father’s bad idea.”

Dustin changed his words in time: “If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be in a dilemma now and be roasted on the fire.”

“My father is under too much pressure, and I have no choice but to do this. Now the government is unstable, and there are constant internal and external troubles. If the new emperor does not get the support of your West Lucozia Palace, he will be doomed sooner or later. Therefore, my father will let you You choose, on the one hand, it shows sincerity, on the other hand, it also unconditionally trusts you.” Margaret explained. “I may not be able to accept this sincerity and trust.”

Dustin sighed softly: “Forget it, I’m too lazy to care about this. Let Rufus Rhys handle this problem.”

Dustin leaned on the car and slowly closed his eyes.

Just when he was about to take a rest, the carriage suddenly stopped.

Due to inertia, Dustin became unstable and fell directly into Margaret’s arms.

What hits your face is warmth and fragrance.

Chapter 1717​


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