Chapter 1718

Chapter 1718​

“What if I have to go back?” Dustin’s face turned cold.

“We are just following orders. Please don’t embarrass the general, Your Highness.” Wan Zhong stood upright, showing no intention of backing down.

The hundreds of silver-armored troops behind him were even more eager to watch.

Looking at this battle, if Dustin refuses to go, he may be forcibly taken away.

“His Royal Highness, you are already here. It doesn’t hurt to meet. It’s always good to have one more friend.” Margaret lightly touched Dustin as a reminder.

Now is not the time to be willful. No matter how sleepy or tired you are, you have to endure it.

After all, if you go to the eldest prince’s residence but not to the second prince’s residence, it is a typical failure to give face.

With the domineering character of the second prince, no one can guarantee that he will do anything outrageous.

“Okay, then let’s ask General Wan to lead the way.”

Dustin took a deep breath, but in the end he didn’t have an attack.

It feels good to say no for a while, but there will be a steady stream of trouble afterwards.

“Thank you for your favor, Your Highness, please!”

Wan Zhong got out of the way and respectfully sent Dustin and Margaret into the car.

After burning a stick of incense, the vehicle stopped at the entrance of a magnificent courtyard.

Compared with the luxury of the eldest prince’s residence, the second prince’s residence is even more magnificent.

There are statues of gods of war, martial arts arenas, and arsenals.

Dustin and the other two got out of the car and followed Wan Zhong all the way in. Wherever they passed, there were numerous outposts and hidden posts, and the security was very tight.

After passing many checkpoints, Dustin and the two finally arrived at the main hall.

In the main hall at this moment, several generals wearing armor were discussing military affairs with a young man.

The man was tall, with a heroic face, and exuded an aura of domineering power.

This person is none other than the Second Prince Li Guanglong!

Seeing Dustin and Margaret come in, Li Guanglong immediately stopped talking, stood up, and said with a hearty smile: “Welcome, welcome, brother Logan and sister Margaret to my humble home!”

“I’ve met the Second Emperor Brother.” Margaret bowed and saluted.

“It’s honor to meet His Highness the Second Prince.” Dustin cupped his hands and clasped his fists.

“Come, come, we are all our own, no need to be restrained, sit down quickly.”

Li Guanglong invited the two of them to sit down and shouted: “Come here! Serve tea!”

Soon, fine fragrant tea and expensive snacks were served one by one.

Dustin was not polite, he directly picked up the tea cup and drank it all in one gulp.

I can’t help it, I’m really sleepy, I have to drink some tea to refresh myself.

“Brother Logan, I haven’t seen you for many years, but you are still so majestic!” Li Guanglong said with a smile.

“No matter what, His Highness is still more powerful. Compared with you, ordinary people are really nothing.” Dustin forced a smile.

“Hahaha… You are really getting better and better at talking, I like it!” Li Guanglong smiled happily.

“Your Highness, I wonder why you summoned ordinary people late at night?” Dustin went straight to the topic.

“Brother Logan, I heard that you first went to see the emperor father, and then went to the palace of the great emperor brother. I wonder if this is the case?” Li Guanglong blew hot tea gently.

“Yes, it does happen.” Dustin nodded and admitted straightforwardly.

“Oh?” Li Guanglong raised his eyebrows slightly, a little surprised by Dustin’s calmness. After two seconds of silence, he finally asked: “Brother Logan, can you reveal what your father and elder brother said to you? “

“Don’t His Highness know what he said?” Dustin did not answer directly, but asked rhetorically.

If he was invited here in the middle of the night, it would be impossible to say that he didn’t hear any news.


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