Chapter 1724

Chapter 1724​

Of course, compared to Dustin’s gobbling, the two of them were much more elegant, chewing slowly and only taking a small taste.

After a stick of incense, Dustin finally had enough to eat and drink.

The originally flat abdominal muscles suddenly bulged, and it was hard to be too satisfied.


After finishing the last glass of wine, Dustin couldn’t help but let out a long belch.

At this time, it would be perfect if I could have a good sleep.


Why am I getting sleepy?

The more I eat, the more I feel sleepy.

“Brother Logan, are you satisfied with your meal?” Li Juntang asked with a smile.

“Satisfied, satisfied, of course, they are all rare delicacies. I really enjoyed it today.” Dustin looked like he was still satisfied.

When I’m hungry, **** tastes good.

“As long as you’re satisfied.”

Li Juntang smiled and nodded: “Brother Logan, I would like to ask, what are you doing wandering around without rest at night? A lot of things happened today. There will be check-ins inside and outside the Forbidden City. You should be careful.”

“Oh, we just went to His Highness the Second Prince’s residence.” Dustin replied calmly without hiding anything.

He no longer wanted to go around and around, so he wanted to finish his work early and go home early to sleep.


Li Juntang pretended to be surprised: “Brother Logan, do you have anything important to do when you go to my second brother’s house so late?”

“The officials are worried about the crown prince. His Royal Highness the Second Prince invited him late at night, mainly to ask about relevant matters.” Dustin said.

“Crown Prince?”

Li Juntang’s pupils shrank and he asked hurriedly: “Does the father want to make his second brother the heir apparent?”

“That’s not true.”

Dustin shook his head: “The official said that you brothers each have their own strengths. He didn’t know who to choose, so he asked me to give him an idea.”

“Oh? Which of our three brothers do you think is more suitable to be the crown prince?” Li Juntang asked.

“I think it’s useless. We have to rely on the officials to make decisions.” Dustin shook his head.

“Brother Logan, please stop being modest. When my father calls you into the palace late at night and asks you about the crown prince, he will definitely consider your suggestions. As long as you say a few nice words, there is a high probability that it will happen!” Li Juntang said. He said solemnly.

“No way? Am I that powerful?” Dustin started to pretend to be dumbfounded.

“Of course!”

Li Juntang said with a serious face: “Brother Logan, I won’t hide it from you. I am very interested in the position of crown prince. As long as you support me in taking the position, I will definitely thank you deeply when the matter is accomplished?”


Dustin made it difficult for him, but he secretly despised him in his heart.

Your eldest and second brothers spend a lot of money to win over people, and they are full of sincerity.

It’s better for you, you don’t have anything, you just rely on your mouth to make cakes.

Too stingy, right?

“Why, Brother Logan doesn’t believe in my strength?”

Li Juntang said confidently: “Although the eldest and second brothers are a few years older than me, when it comes to talent and ability, I think I am better than both of them. If I become the crown prince, I will definitely be able to lead the Dragonmarsh Kingdom to expand its territory in the future. To create greater glory, by then, you will be my right-hand man, and your benefits will definitely be indispensable.”

“The second prince is ambitious and the common people admire him. However, the common people have little talent and little knowledge, so it is really difficult for them to take on big responsibilities.”

Dustin shook his head, but his heart kept urging him.

Dude, you bribed me!

If you don’t bribe me, how can I support you?

You don’t want to be a wolf with nothing, do you?


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