Chapter 1729

Chapter 1729​

“kill me?”

Dustin frowned: “Could it be someone from the Dragon Protection Pavilion?”

He is now locked in a fight to the death with the Dragon Guard Pavilion, and those Dragon Guard Pavilions who are on the verge of breaking up will definitely not let him go easily.

“It’s not clear yet.”

Margaret shook his head slightly: “That night, we were ambushed halfway, but I was prepared and moved you in time. Fortunately, there was no accident.”

“If nothing else, they should be the remnants of Dragon Protection Pavilion.”

Dustin stretched out, his bones crackling all over his body, and sighed: “Fortunately, Your Highness the Princess is smart, otherwise I would be in danger.”

“When I invite you into the palace, I have to be responsible for your safety.”

Margaret smiled softly: “Besides, you are a key figure that everyone is paying attention to now. You cannot be damaged in the slightest. If something happens to you, the Dragonmarsh Kingdom will really be in chaos.”

“Your Highness, please stop putting pressure on me. I’m just a wanderer with no big ambitions. You’d better not have any expectations of me.” Dustin yawned.

Although I slept for two days and one night, I still felt that I was not completely full.

It’s lacking a little bit.

“You are blessed with destiny and destiny. You can’t avoid it. Even if you don’t do anything, you will still be in trouble. Rather than being forced into a corner in the end, it is better to prepare early and at least be able to choose the path you want to take. .” Margaret said meaningfully.

She has performed divination for Logan Rhys many times. Although she cannot predict the result, she can deduce something.

That is the major events that will happen in the Dragonmarsh Kingdom in the future, all related to Logan Rhys.

Even a small decision by the other party will affect the situation in the world.

“Choose your own path?”

Dustin raised his eyebrows slightly, and suddenly the dream he had just had rang out.

If he had a choice, he naturally did not want a war, because too many people would die.

Including your closest relatives and friends.

“Your Highness, after the contact the night before yesterday, I have a general understanding of your three royal brothers.”

Dustin suddenly changed the topic and said: “The three of them are not only capable of competing for the throne, but they are also extremely ambitious. They are the kind of people who can do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. To be honest, compared to your father, It’s really a big difference.”

To the Prince of West Lucozia, what Li Weimin did was indeed unkind and righteous.

But at least the other party can be regarded as a good king for the country and the people.

However, his three sons each have their own hidden agendas.

Over the years, he has made no achievements in terms of reputation, and has not even done anything worthy of praise from the public.

All the energy of the three people was spent on internal fighting.

On the one hand, he monitors his father, and on the other hand, he takes every possible precaution against his brothers and sisters.

The three of them have thoroughly studied the so-called emperor’s mind.

But what is missing is a heart of kindness.

“I grew up in the royal family, and there were so many powerful officials and assistants around me. Fighting for power and profit has almost become instinctive. I can’t blame them.” Margaret explained.

“You can speak for them.”

Dustin smiled: “Indeed, your three royal brothers cannot be said to be fatuous, but in my opinion, they do not have the ability and consciousness to be kings. Your father has obviously seen through this, so it has been difficult to make a choice.”

“Everyone will grow. No one is born to be an emperor. Maybe they will change after becoming a prince.” Margaret said.

“It’s difficult! If you use the future of the Dragonmarsh Kingdom to bet on whether your three royal brothers will change, the risk is too great. If the bet is wrong, the consequences will be disastrous.” Dustin shook his head.

“Your words are very strange. What exactly do you want to say?” Margaret quickly realized something was wrong.

“It’s nothing.”

Dustin smiled faintly: “I just want to ask you, do you have any intention of becoming the emperor? If so, I can choose to support you.”


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