Chapter 1732

Chapter 1732

Tonight, the Imperial Building was different from the bustle of the past and seemed a little deserted.

Especially the second floor, which has been reserved and no outsiders are allowed in.

After Dustin revealed his identity, he led Lorenzo and Maximus Kane upstairs.

At this moment, there was only one person sitting in the VIP area on the second floor.

This man was dressed in black. He had an ordinary appearance, an ordinary figure, and a very ordinary temperament. He had almost no features on his body. He was the kind of person who would be hard to spot in a crowd.

“It’s honor to meet His Highness in this humble position!”

Seeing Dustin appear, the man immediately knelt down on one knee and bowed his head in salute.

“Who are you?”

Dustin asked calmly

“My humble name is Sun Tong, and I am the prince’s personal guard. When the prince learned that you were in trouble, he immediately sent me to help you.” The man named Sun Tong lowered his head and said.

“Personal guard?”

Dustin looked up and down and asked again: “How do you prove your identity?”

He is not a newbie in the world. He must ask questions clearly about things like this. It is impossible to just believe what the other party says.

“This is a token given by the prince to his humble position. Please take a look at it.”

Sun Tong took out a token from his pocket and handed it over with both hands.

Dustin took it and took a look, finally letting go of his guard.

The token is indeed the token of the Prince of West Lucozia, and only the most trusted personal guards are eligible to obtain it.

This token is enough to prove the identity of the other party.

“General Sun, we are all our own people. No need to be polite. Please get up.”

Dustin returned the token and helped Sun Tong up at the same time.

“Thank you, Your Highness.”

Sun Tong looked flattered.

“General Sun, let me introduce you. This is Zeng Jin’s deputy general of the Traditional Army, Lorenzo, General Lorenzo.” Dustin stretched out his hand to guide Lorenzo.

“It’s honor to meet General Lorenzo, and I have heard about General Lorenzo for a long time. It is such a blessing to see him today!” Sun Tong immediately clasped his fists and saluted.

“General Sun, you’re welcome. I’m old now, and you young people will rule the world from now on.” Lorenzo smiled.

“This is Maximus Kane, my friend.” Dustin directed Maximus Kane again.

“Brother Kevin!” Sun Tong clasped his fists again.

To be a friend of His Highness is obviously not an ordinary person.

“General Sun!” Maximus Kane also returned the gesture with fists clasped.

“Okay, we all know each other, sit down.”

Dustin waved to several people to take their seats, and asked at the same time: “General Sun, I have a few questions that I would like to ask you.”

“Excuse me, Your Highness, I must tell you everything I know in my humble position!” Sun Tong lowered his head.

“I heard that there has been some trouble in West Lucozia Prince’s Palace recently. Is it true or false?” Dustin asked.

“It’s not really troublesome, it’s just some spies doing some careful work. They’ve been active recently, and the palace has arrested a lot of people.” Sun Tong replied truthfully.

“Rufus Rhys…how is your health?” Dustin finally asked the answer he wanted to know most.

“Your Majesty, your health has always been good.” Sun Tong forced a smile.

“Answer honestly! No falsehoods!” Dustin suddenly shouted.

Sun Tong was startled, and with a “thud”, he knelt down and said in panic: “Back to Your Highness, the prince’s health is indeed not very good. He often coughs up blood in the middle of the night. He has sought many miracle doctors to no avail. In order to worry you. , Your Majesty has been hiding it from us and not letting us tell you. There is really nothing we can do about it because of our humble position, so please forgive me, Your Highness!”

“Coughing up blood in the middle of the night? Could it be that even the miracle doctor from West Lucozia can’t cure this disease?” Dustin frowned deeply.

“The miracle doctor said it was a terminal disease and there was no cure.” Sun Tong cried sadly.

“Terminally ill?” Dustin’s face darkened: “How long does Rufus Rhys have?”

“As short as half a month, as long as one year.” Sun Tong’s words were astonishing.

As soon as these words came out, Dustin felt as if he was struck by lightning, and his face turned pale.

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