Chapter 1733

Chapter 1733

“As short as half a month? As long as a year? How could this happen?”

Dustin froze, and there was a hint of fear in his eyes that he had never seen before.

Although he has always hated Li Wanjun’s inaction, after all, he is a father and son whose blood is dissolved in water.

Now that he heard that Li Wanjun’s deadline was approaching, he panicked for no reason.

There are not many relatives left around him. If even Rufus Rhys goes west, he really doesn’t know how to face it.

“Is this news reliable?”

Dustin spoke in a low voice, trying to appear calm.

The hand hidden under the table was slowly and unconsciously clenched.

“Back to Your Highness, not many people know about this, but it is absolutely true. Even if the prince doesn’t want me to tell you, I think you should know this.” Sun Tong lowered his head.

“Your Majesty has always been physically strong, why did he suddenly become like this?” Lorenzo asked.

“In the past ten years, Your Majesty has worked hard and dedicated his life. Not only did he have to guard West Lucozia and prevent barbarian invasions, but he also had to guard against the eyes of all internal forces. If things go on like this, even those who are strong-willed will not be able to bear it. Your Majesty is really suffering!” Sun Tong’s voice began to tremble.

As Li Wanjun’s personal guard, he naturally sees everything.

Zeng Jin’s King of West Lucozia was so majestic and domineering that even a sneeze could shock the government and the public.

But now, the hero is dying and his time is running out.

How pathetic.

“Sigh… The prince has indeed been burdened with too much in these years. He has carried the entire West Lucozia and nearly half of the Dragonmarsh Kingdom by himself. Although his achievements are unparalleled, he is too tired. “Lorenzo sighed, feeling sad.

“Rufus Rhys…did you say anything else?” Dustin suppressed his emotions and made himself look indifferent.

“The prince said that if you get tired or feel wronged outside, you can go back at any time. West Lucozia will always be your home!” Sun Tong said tremblingly.

“go back?”

Dustin looked at the teacup on the table, lost in thought: “It’s been so many years, it’s time to go back and take a look.”

“Great! I’ll make arrangements right away!”

Seeing Dustin agree, Sun Tong couldn’t help but look overjoyed.

My prince looked forward to the stars and the moon, hoping that His Highness could return to West Lucozia as soon as possible. However, due to some barriers in the past, His Highness never had any plans to go back.

Now that he heard His Highness personally agree, he was naturally overjoyed.

After ten years, father and son were finally reunited.

“Don’t worry, I still have some things to deal with here. I will return to West Lucozia in three days.” Dustin motioned for Sun Tong to sit down again.

“Okay, okay, as long as His Highness is willing to go back, you can do it anytime.” Sun Tong nodded repeatedly.

“The palace only sent you to Stonia this time?” Dustin said suddenly.

“Not just me, but a team of spies.”

Sun Tong said with a solemn face: “These are masters trained by the royal palace. They are all outstanding in ability. One is worth a hundred. However, in order to deceive others, I have dismissed them after entering the capital. If His Highness wants to see them, I will immediately send them away.” They brought it back.”

“Don’t bother. Since they are spies, let them hide in the dark.” Dustin shook his head slightly.

Anyone who can be called a secret agent is a one-in-a-million existence.

Not only are they brave and resourceful, but they also have some special skills.

Whether it is obtaining intelligence or assassinating important figures, you have to rely on these spies.

Many secret agents will never see the light of day and can only live under false identities.

Even after death, he will not get the honor he deserves.


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