Chapter 1734

Chapter 1734

This is a group of warriors who sacrifice themselves and walk in the darkness. Everyone is precious and needs to be protected.

“Thank you for your understanding, Your Highness.” Sun Tong breathed a sigh of relief.

His Royal Highness has a special status, and all forces are secretly watching. If the spies are gathered together, it will be easily exposed.

“You should know a lot about the affairs of the palace. First tell me, what is the situation now?” Dustin asked again.

“Back to Your Highness, it’s like this…”

Just when Sun Tong was about to say something, there was suddenly a rush of footsteps downstairs.

Several people looked at each other and became alert at the same time.

Before any action could be taken, a group of masked killers rushed forward.

These killers have sharp eyes and powerful auras, and they are obviously not good people.

The leader is wearing red, the four people around him are wearing white, and the rest are all wearing black.

“Who are you?!”

Maximus Kane took the lead in drawing his sword and blocking Dustin.

“Your Highness, you go first, I will take care of you.”

Sun Tong slowly pulled out the short knife from his waist, his eyes filled with murderous intent.

“Dustin! You destroyed our Dragon Protection Pavilion and killed our old pavilion master. Today I want you to pay with your blood!” the red-robed killer shouted angrily.

“Just a few of you? Can you kill me?”

Dustin sat quietly and took a sip of tea while talking.

He looked carefree and unconcerned.

“Arrogant kid, today I will show you the power of Dragon Protection Pavilion!”

The killer in red waved his hand suddenly and shouted: “Set up a formation! Kill him!”


The four white-clothed killers around him didn’t say anything and pounced on him with their swords drawn.

The speed of the four people was extremely fast, and their movements were mysterious. As they flashed and moved, almost only an afterimage could be seen.

The most important thing is that the four of them cooperate very well, both offensively and defensively, and with a perfect formation, the lethality is doubled.

“Let me meet you!”

Maximus Kane used the scabbard of his sword as a hidden weapon and threw it forward. Taking this opportunity, he quickly stepped forward and broke into the circle surrounded by four killers in white.

“You’re really looking for death!”

Tyler Yi sneered again and again, with a look of death.

The hierarchy of Dragon Protection Pavilion is strict, from low to high, they are ordinary members, deacons, protectors, worshipers, elders, deputy pavilion masters and pavilion masters.

He is a member of the Hulong Pavilion and is considered a high-level person. The four people who were killed just now are the protectors of the Dragon Pavilion.

To reach the level of a Dharma Protector, one must at least be a half-step master level master.

Especially after the four of them formed a formation, the strength they displayed was unmatched by even ordinary martial arts masters.

Sure enough, as soon as Maximus Kaneg broke into the formation, he screamed “Ah”, bounced back instantly, fell heavily to the floor, and vomited blood.

Although his current strength is close to that of a half-step master, it is still far behind when compared with the four guardians of the Dragon Protection Pavilion.

“Brother Kevin, please step aside for now and leave the four of them to me.”

Seeing that the situation was not good, Sun Tong immediately rushed into the formation with his sword and began to fight with the four guardians.


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