Chapter 1735

Chapter 1735

Sun Tong’s knife was so fast that he could hardly see it.

Moreover, the sword technique is extremely fierce and domineering, a typical military style, without any fancy or unnecessary movements.

Every move and style is designed to kill people. It is simple, effective and very violent.

Although the formations of the four guardians were mysterious, they had no effect in front of Sun Tong’s sharp sword.

Every time they wanted to change formations, Sun Tong could spot the flaw immediately and attack it with a sharp knife.

After a fight, the four of them were completely suppressed and beaten, leaving no room for them to fight back.

“I didn’t expect that General Sun was actually a powerful martial arts master?” Lorenzo was a little surprised.

“It’s not easy to be Rufus Rhys’s personal guard and to lead a team of secret agents.” Dustin’s expression was indifferent.

From the first time he met Sun Tong, he saw the clues.

Can be defeated by Rufus Rhys. Committee. With a heavy responsibility, he came all the way to Stonia. It is obviously impossible to say that he has no real ability.

“Looking at General Sun’s age, he is only in his thirties. It is really extraordinary to be able to achieve such an achievement. There are really hidden dragons and crouching tigers around the prince!” Lorenzo squinted.

“The battle is about to end.” Dustin said suddenly.

As soon as he finished speaking, Sun Tong’s offensive suddenly became fierce.

One knife after another, like a turbulent wave, continuous and unstoppable.

The pressure on the four guardians, who had been retreating steadily, increased instantly. Before they could survive ten moves, they were blown away by Sun Tong’s sharp knife. They all staggered to the ground with blood spurting from their mouths and noses.

“Hmph! Want to hurt my Highness? Ask me about the knife in my hand first!” Sun Tong was majestic and full of murderous intent.

He was completely different from how humble he was when he faced Dustin before.

“I didn’t expect him to be a master.”

The killer in red raised his hand and stopped the four guardians who were about to continue attacking.

“Now, it’s your turn!”

Sun Tong slowly lifted it up and pointed the tip of the knife directly at the red-clothed killer’s face.

“Hmph! Do you think you can challenge me after defeating the four of them? You are really overestimating your abilities!”

The red-clothed killer snorted coldly: “Today, I will let you see the powerful strength of being a worshiper of the Dragon Protection Pavilion!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the red-clothed killer suddenly drew his sword, turned into an afterimage, and rushed towards Sun Tong.

Not to be outdone, Sun Tong stepped forward and bumped into him head-on.

The two martial arts masters soon started a fierce collision.

Half of the second floor of the Imperial Building was destroyed in an instant.

The two of them fought and fought until they reached the yard outside. The place they passed was almost a ruin.

The sky was full of sword light, accompanied by the sound of gold and iron clashing, making people dazzled.

“Logan, who do you think will win between the two of them?” Lorenzo asked suddenly.

“In terms of strength, the enshrinement of the Dragon Protection Pavilion is slightly better, but General Sun is more bloody, dares to fight, and is completely ready to perish together. As the saying goes, the brave will win when we meet on a narrow road. General Sun’s bravery makes up for the differences between the two sides. Due to the difference in strength, who will win depends on their own performance.”

Dustin squinted his eyes slightly and quietly observed the situation.

He was not in a hurry to take action because he was not sure whether Dragon Protection Pavilion had any backup plans.

If there are still experts lying in ambush around, if you attack rashly, you will easily fall into a trap.

In the courtyard, after the two men fought for a while, the killer in red gradually lost his patience.

Now that the situation in Dragon Protection Pavilion is over, those hostile forces in the past have begun to take advantage of the situation and take advantage of it.

Especially the royal family has begun to send people to secretly encircle and suppress.

This time he led a team to ambush Dustin, originally with the idea of ​​​​quickly defeating him and avenging the old pavilion master.

If it continues like this, once the royal master gets wind of it and comes, he won’t be able to leave even if he wants to.

In order to avoid long nights and long dreams, he must deal with this difficult guy as soon as possible, and then kill Dustin.


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