Chapter 1736

Chapter 1736

“I don’t have time to hang out with you, get out of here!”

The killer in red roared angrily and became violent.

He was no longer timid for fear of injury, but launched a fierce attack.

Sun Tong, who was originally on par with his brothers, soon fell behind.

After all, there is still some gap between the strength of the two.

In the past, Sun Tong was able to fight back and forth with the killer in red, all because of his bloody spirit.

Now that the killer in red has gone all out, his advantage is gone, and the next thing to compete is hard power.

“Die, die! Die!”

The killer in red yelled while fighting, his attack became stronger and stronger, and his fighting style became more and more fierce.

Sun Tong was forced to retreat continuously. He could only parry and had no room to fight back.

If this continues, he will be completely defeated in less than three minutes.

“Can’t wait any longer!”

Seeing this scene, Dustin’s eyes turned cold. Just when he was about to step forward to help, he suddenly became wary.

Before he could react, he heard a “bang” and a black mist suddenly exploded under his feet.

Dustin subconsciously activated the body-protecting internal energy and formed a protective shield on the body surface.

However, a strange scene happened. This black mist seemed to have spirituality. It penetrated Dustin’s protective energy and kept drilling into his body.

The most frightening thing is that this black mist penetrates every hole. The eyes, ears, mouth, nose, including the pores on the skin, all become channels for the black mist to invade.

“How could this happen?” Dustin looked shocked.

Even though he was well-informed, he had never encountered such a situation.

Even the body-protecting internal energy can’t be blocked, what the hell is this?

Without enough time to think, Dustin immediately got lucky.

Although this black mist is very strange, with his strength, it is not impossible to force it out.

“Logan! How are you? Are you okay?”

Outside the black mist, Lorenzo’s worried voice came.

“Uncle Lorenzo! Don’t come here! This black mist is poisonous!”

Dustin immediately reminded him, but it was too late.

Perhaps he was too anxious, so Lorenzo rushed into the black mist without even thinking.

In less than three seconds, Lorenzo’s face turned black and he fell to the ground.

He had just recovered from a serious illness, and his body was already weak. Now that he was eroded by the poison, it was even worse.

“Thank you, uncle!”

Dustin’s expression changed drastically, and without caring about himself, he immediately ran out of the poisonous fog with Lorenzo in his arms, and then used his energy to heal his injuries.

Under Dustin’s treatment, the poisonous mist poured into Lorenzo’s body began to leak out little by little.

On the other hand, Dustin’s situation was not optimistic. The poisonous mist that had penetrated his body had already invaded his internal organs.

If you continue to delay like this, you will be seriously injured even if you don’t die.

Unfortunately, he was now in a state of incompetence. While forcing poison on Lorenzo, he was unable to take care of himself and could only allow the poisonous mist to invade.

At this tense moment, the killer in red in the yard had already decided the winner with Sun Tong.

After a fierce battle, the killer in red finally severely wounded Sun Tong at the cost of losing his arm.

“Dustin! Die!”

Seeing Dustin healing people’s wounds, the red-clothed killer became energetic. He immediately seized the opportunity, stepped forward, and slashed at Dustin’s head with a sharp knife.

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