Chapter 1739

Chapter 1739

Dustin was stunned. Looking at Lorenzo’s sneak attack, he didn’t react for a moment.

He knew there was a mole and suspected many people.

Including Maximus Kane, Dr. Elijah, etc., but Lorenzo was not suspected.

Because the other party had fought for him and sacrificed too much for the palace, he had always felt that he was indebted, so he had spared no effort to treat him.

Even if he was poisoned or injured, he would still save Lorenzo.

However, he never expected that Uncle Lorenzo, who was a dead soldier of Zeng Jin Palace and loved his relatives, would stab him in the back.


Why is this happening? ?

“Uncle Lorenzo? What…are you doing?” Dustin asked tremblingly.

Until now, he still couldn’t believe the scene before him.

“Logan, I’m sorry, I have to do this.”

Lorenzo had a complicated look on his face, with a hint of guilt in his eyes: “I have told you a long time ago not to investigate the truth of that year. Doing so could easily lead to death. Why? Why didn’t you listen? You clearly You can live a good life, why can’t you think about it so hard?”

“Who…are you?” Dustin frowned deeply.

“I am Lorenzo, the deputy general of the West Lucozia Central Army, but before that, I had another identity, and that was the secret agent of the Dragon Protection Pavilion.” Lorenzo sighed.

“A secret agent from the Dragon Protection Pavilion?” Dustin couldn’t believe it.

He never thought that Lorenzo was actually an undercover agent sent by Dragon Protection Pavilion.

So the red-robed killer and his group came to ambush, was it Lorenzo who secretly informed them?

So the black poisonous mist that just exploded was also caused by Lorenzo?

The opponent deliberately poisoned him, staged a painful trick, and then used his hands to detoxify the poison, while giving the red-dressed killer a chance to sneak attack.

This interlocking calculation completely had him under control.

So much so that now after being stabbed, he was a little doubtful, had he done something wrong?

“To be honest, when your father became the Prince of West Lucozia, Hulong Pavilion had already laid out many chess pieces. Not only me, but also Song Zun, the general of West Lucozia Zengjin’s army, we were all working for Hulong Pavilion. .” Lorenzo looked helpless.

“It turns out… you and Song Zun are in the same group. I trust you so much. I didn’t expect that the ambush back then was actually planned by you!”

Dustin’s eyes gradually turned red: “Why? My mother treats you well, and my father and you are life-and-death friends. Why did you betray them?!”

“I’m sorry, it’s my duty too.”

Lorenzo said with a guilty look on his face: “I am a secret agent of Hulong Pavilion. This identity cannot be erased no matter what. I am ashamed of you and the Prince of West Lucozia, but I have to do this. I owe you, if there is a next life, I am willing to work as a cow or a horse for you.”

“I don’t understand. The Dragon Protection Pavilion has been destroyed, why do you still do things for them?” Dustin couldn’t understand.

The situation in Hulong Pavilion is over. According to normal logic, even if Lorenzo is a secret agent, as long as he is not exposed, there will be no danger.

You can even take this opportunity to cleanse yourself and live the rest of your life in peace.

He believed that Lorenzo had the ability to lie dormant in West Lucozia Prince’s Mansion for more than ten years without being exposed.

So he doesn’t understand why the other party wants to go all the way to the dark side?

“Logan, one wrong step, one wrong step after another, from the moment I became a secret agent, I was destined to never look back.”

Lorenzo sighed: “Song Zun is my boss. He is still alive and has become the deputy master of the Dragon Protection Pavilion. He will make a comeback soon. I can’t escape, and you can’t escape either. This It’s all destiny.”

“Shit it’s meant to be!”

Dustin suddenly shouted: “Everyone can choose the path they want to take, whether it is black or white, right or wrong, it is all in one thought. If you choose to make a mistake to the end, don’t act like a victim. I will not forgive you, and all the West Lucozia soldiers who sacrificed their lives back then will also not forgive you, and we will wait for you in hell!”

While speaking, Dustin suddenly pinched the red killer’s neck and then punched Lorenzo.

He was on the verge of death from the moment his chest was penetrated.

This punch was the last one he struck, and it contained anger and unwillingness.

He never thought that he would die in the hands of his own people, and he never thought that Lorenzo was actually a traitor.

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