Chapter 1742

Chapter 1742​

It was Lorenzo who was severely injured by Dustin.

Elder Lorenzo, are you injured?”

The masked man on the dragon chair suddenly spoke, his voice low and hoarse.

“A little injury won’t kill you.”

Lorenzo was panting and coughed up two more mouthfuls of blood as he spoke.

“It looks like the injury is serious. Take this medicine.”

The masked man suddenly waved his hand, and a black elixir shot out.

“Thank you.”

Lorenzo grabbed it and swallowed it without hesitation.

The elixirs in the Dragon Protection Pavilion are all extremely rare treasures, and they can recover quickly even if they are seriously injured.

Of course, this elixir can only be enjoyed by high-ranking officials.

Master Stratford…”

When Lorenzo was about to say something, he was interrupted by the masked man raising his hand: “My Ji now. You can call me Mr. Whitaker, or you can call me Pavilion Master Ji. My previous identity is not allowed to be mentioned again.”

“Yes, Pavilion Master Ji.” Lorenzo leaned over and nodded.

Elder Lorenzo, how did you complete the task I gave you?” the masked man Ji Yuanzun asked.

“I stabbed Logan Rhys in the heart. As expected, he is dead now.” Lorenzo reported.

“Very good!” Ji Yuanzun nodded with satisfaction: “Elder Lorenzo, you have made another great contribution!”

Pavilion Master Ji, I have followed your instructions, can you let my daughter go?” Lorenzo pleaded.

The reason why he is still working for Hulong Pavilion is because he is controlled by others.

His daughter, his true love, has long been under house arrest in the Dragon Protection Pavilion and can only see her once a year.

Once he dares to disobey orders or has a disobedient heart.

Then not only would he die, but his daughter would also suffer torture and humiliation.

This is the method used by Dragon Guard Pavilion to control secret agents. It is simple, violent, and very effective.

For the safety of his daughter, he had to kill Logan Rhys.

Elder Lorenzo, your daughter is safe now. She enjoys good food and drinks every day without any worries. You don’t have to worry.” Ji Yuanzun said calmly.

Pavilion Master Ji, you clearly promised me that as long as this matter is settled, you will let us leave.” Lorenzo frowned.

“I promised you and I will keep my promise, but not now.”

Ji Yuanzun said in a hoarse voice: “Although you killed Logan Rhys, you have not completely completed the task. If the West Lucozia Palace does not fall, we will not have peace for a day.”

West Lucozia Prince’s Palace is hugely powerful, how easy is it to destroy them?” Lorenzo frowned.

“I have been planning for ten years and have made complete preparations.”

Ji Yuanzun said in a calm tone: “Rufus Rhys is about to die and cannot survive for a few days. Now that Logan Rhys dies, the West Lucozia Prince’s Palace will have no successor, and there will be chaos. At that time, I will support a puppet to take over the West Lucozia Palace. The power is completely in your hands!”

As he spoke, Ji Yuanzun slowly clenched his fists with great ambition.

The imperial family of Stonia are nothing but nothing to worry about. Only the West Lucozia Palace is the real threat.

As long as he controls the West Lucozia Palace and the invincible Black Dragon Army of 500,000 people, he will be the master of the world!

Pavilion Master Ji, do you have to kill them all?”

Lorenzo looked complicated: “You know, back then we…”

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Ji Yuanzun: “What? Are you soft-hearted? Elder Lorenzo, those who achieve great things must be ruthless. A woman’s kindness will not accomplish anything. Think about your own future and your daughter’s future.” , some things, once done, there is no turning back.”

“I see.”

After hearing the word daughter, Lorenzo finally compromised: “Master Ji, do you have any other orders?”

Ji Yuanzun picked up the wine glass and took a sip, and said: “Now everything is ready and all we need is Dongfeng. Tomorrow you will come with me to West Lucozia. After planning for so long, it’s time to close the net.”


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