Chapter 1746

Chapter 1746​

“Fourth on the list of divine weapons: Chuixuejian, owner, Tyler Xingchao.”

“Fifth on the list of divine weapons: Overlord Sword, owned by Xiao Wuming.”

“Sixth on the list of divine weapons: Star Chasing Sword, owner, Frost.”

“Seventh on the list of divine weapons: Heavenly Thunder Sword, owned by Qin Wushuang.”

“Eighth on the list of divine weapons: Williamquan Sword, owned by Tyler Juding.”

“Nineth on the list of divine weapons: Sky Sword, owner, Logan Rhys.”

“Tenth on the Magic Weapon List: Heavy Rain Pear Blossom Needle, owner, Thompson Xin.”

Margaret read the relevant information while looking at the list.

The list of divine weapons not only lists the names of the divine weapons, but also lists the relevant owners, which is very detailed.

“I didn’t expect that I alone would get two weapons that are among the top ten in the magic weapon list. I don’t know whether I am happy or sad.”

After listening, Dustin couldn’t help but shook his head.

Being on the list of divine soldiers, although it seems majestic, is also accompanied by great risks.

As the saying goes, a common man is not guilty, but he is guilty of carrying a jade.

Just having magic weapons is not enough, you must be strong enough to hold the weapon in your hand.

Otherwise, experts from all sides will come upon the news and snatch the magic weapons.

“You can have some fun with two magic weapons.”

Margaret smiled faintly and said: “There are many martial arts masters in the world who don’t have a magic weapon at their disposal. How about you? If you have two weapons for yourself, others will probably die of envy.”

“I am a person who is afraid of trouble. Once the list of magic weapons is announced, it is estimated that there will be a steady stream of masters who want to use the weapons in my hands. It is impossible to guard against them!” Dustin sighed.

“Don’t worry, if someone wants to steal your sword, they have to consider their own abilities, otherwise they will die in vain. Not many people would be so stupid.” Margaret smiled.

“Oh? What do you say?” Dustin raised his eyebrows slightly.

“There are two more lists, you can find out by listening below.”

Margaret continued: “Next, I will announce the list of geniuses. Let me explain first. The so-called genius list refers to the talents of heaven who are no more than thirty years old. They are ranked according to their strength. Listen carefully.”

“The top one on the list of geniuses: Logan Rhys – Tyler Juding.”

“Huh?” Dustin was startled: “Two people?”

“That’s right.” Margaret nodded: “According to Tianji Pavilion’s explanation, you and Tyler Juding are both ultimate Grandmasters, and their strength is between the same. No one can judge the strength before a real decisive battle, so the two of you are tied for the third place. one.”

“It’s quite particular.” Dustin nodded.

To be honest, he really wasn’t sure he could beat Tyler Juding.

The opponent’s sword that instantly killed Nestor was enough to prove his strength.

“Next, second on the list of geniuses, Abigail.”

“Third on the list of geniuses, Qin Wushuang.”

“Fourth on the list of geniuses, Scarlet Spanner.”

“Fifth on the list of geniuses, Han Feiyang.”

“No. 6 on the list of geniuses, Adam Spanner.”

“No. 7 on the list of geniuses, Mark Montgomery.”

“Number eight on the list of geniuses, Kuang Lang.”

“Nineth on the list of geniuses, Thompson Xin.”

“Tenth on the list of geniuses, Lindollar.”

Margaret once again ranked the list of geniuses in detail.

After listening, Dustin asked curiously: “I have heard of most of the people on the Tianjiao list, but this Qin Wushuang is new to me. What is his background?”

“Speaking of Qin Wushuang, it has something to do with your mother.”

Margaret explained: “Your mother’s surname is internal energyn. This Qin Wushuang is also surnamed internal energyn. He comes from your mother’s family. However, this person is relatively mysterious and is well protected by the Qin family. He has only recently become famous. What are his specific characteristics? It’s not known yet.”

“It turns out they are the Qin family…” Dustin squinted his eyes slightly, thoughtfully.

He didn’t know much about his mother’s family, and his mother had never mentioned it before.

The only thing that is certain is that this Qin family is not simple.


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