Chapter 1748

Chapter 1748​

“It seems to make sense.” Dustin nodded.

“This time there have been great changes in the world-shattering list. Li Yuanwu and Bai Ye have fallen one after another, Sterling Reidshu’s whereabouts are unknown, and Nestor was killed with a sword. Four of last year’s top ten were lost, which can be said to be a heavy loss. Fortunately, there are There are new strong people on the list, filling this gap. It is true that there are talents from generation to generation, and a new generation replaces the old ones!” Margaret sighed.

“Do you know anything about these new people on the list?” Dustin suddenly asked.

“Fifth place is Ji Yuanzun, the new Pavilion Master of the Dragon Protection Pavilion. My father mentioned this person to you before. He is exactly the identity of Song Zun after he changed his name. After Li Yuanwu’s death, he finally made it through.” Margaret replied. .

“I know Ji Yuanzun, but I don’t understand why he was not on the shocking list before, but as soon as Li Yuanwu died, he was on the list, and he was still ranked so high?” Dustin was a little strange.

“How should I put it? Ji Yuanzun is deeply hidden. Before, because Li Yuanwu was suppressing him, no one paid attention to it. Now that Li Yuanwu is dead, Ji Yuanzun has successfully taken over and controlled all Dragon Protection Pavilions with thunderous means. “Remnants, it was only then that Tianji Pavilion discovered that Ji Yuanzun is very special. Ranking him fifth was just a conservative estimate. His true strength should not be weaker than the sect leaders of the three major sects.” Margaret said in a tone of voice. Get serious.

“So powerful?” Dustin frowned slightly.

There is a big gap between each ranking of the powerful people in the world-shattering list.

Previously, Bai Ye had single-handedly fought against three powerful men on the world-shattering list, and was still sure of victory.

From this point, we can see the clues.

Moreover, he had fought against Nestor, and the strength of the two sides was basically on par with each other. He had to use his secret skills to fight hard to get a slight advantage.

Even Nestor, who is ranked tenth, is so strong, and Ji Yuanzun, who is ranked fifth, is naturally even more terrifying.

If we really encounter one, let alone win, it will be a question of whether we can survive.

“Being able to become the deputy master of Dragon Protection Pavilion is naturally extraordinary.”

Margaret said in a serious tone: “Moreover, there are many powerful people in the Dragon Protection Pavilion with luxuriant branches. Even Bai Ye killed most of them with one sword. The remaining people still cannot be underestimated. Our trip to West Lucozia this time can be said to be It’s very dangerous.”

“What? Are you scared? If you regret it, it’s still too late to turn around.” Dustin said with a smile.

“What I promised you, I have to do it. Besides, without my help, you may not be able to fight against the remnants of the Dragon Guard Pavilion.” Margaret said.

“Your Highness the Princess is absolutely right. When we return to West Lucozia, the common people will all rely on you.” Dustin clasped his fists.

“Young poor man, you are the host and you should lead by example. I can only play a supporting role.” Margaret said angrily.

“He who can do it should work harder. I am a patient now and have to take a good rest.” Dustin looked weak.

“Haha…Looking at you now, you are so energetic that you could kill a cow. How can you look like a sick person?” Margaret rolled his eyes.

She was very surprised at Logan Rhys’s ability to recover.

After just one night, most of the wound was healed. It is estimated that in two or three days, he will be full of life again.

Such strong physical fitness is really rare.

“Your Highness, it’s still a long time. You should rest for a while. I’ll call you when we get to West Lucozia.” Dustin said.

“Okay, I’ll take a nap then.”

Margaret nodded, then sat next to him and began to close his eyes and meditate.

Time passed quickly, and in the blink of an eye it was already half a day.

It wasn’t until dusk that the plane slowly landed.

West Lucozia, finally arrived…


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