Chapter 1749

Chapter 1749​

West LucoziaWangcheng.

After Dustin and Margaret got off the plane, they got into a commercial car. They acted very low-key and did not attract anyone’s attention.

This time, the two of them flew out alone. The secret agents and personal guards under their command had arrived in West Lucozia in advance last night.

In this way, it is not only more hidden, but also safer.

In the car, Margaret looked at the bustling scene on the street through the window, which seemed a little strange.

Compared with the busy traffic in StoniaWest Lucozia is a different scene.

Whether it is the regional scenery or humanistic customs, they are all very different from Stonia. This gives Margaret, who rarely leaves Stonia, an alternative sense of freshness.

“I didn’t expect that West Lucozia has changed so much. I remember when I came here as a child, most of them were low-rise buildings. I didn’t expect that in just a dozen years, it would already be as prosperous as Stonia.”

Margaret looked around and marveled.

“Yes, West Lucozia has changed so much that I can’t even recognize the road anymore.” Dustin looked a little complicated.

After ten years of separation, when I return to my hometown, things have changed.

Even if he returns to the palace now, most people probably won’t recognize him.

“I have to say, your father is really great.”

Margaret said with emotion: “I heard my father say that as early as 20 years ago, West Lucozia was still a barbaric land. There were constant wars all year round, and the people were miserable. At that time, the land was thousands of miles away, and the ground was full of hungry people. .

It wasn’t until the appearance of West Lucozia King Rufus Rhys that everything changed.

Rufus Rhys, born in a wealthy family in Stonia, has shown amazing military talent since he was a child.

Since joining the army, he has repeatedly made outstanding achievements and won every battle.

At that time, Rufus Rhys was said to be unparalleled in the world. He was awarded the title of marquis and general at a young age, which can be said to be unlimited.

Everyone believed that Rufus Rhys had a bright future, and as long as he returned to Stonia to develop, he would surely become one of the best.

But no one expected that this almost god-like man would finally make a decision that was unbelievable to everyone in the court.

That is to settle in West Lucozia and guard the frontier!

You must know that West Lucozia was a barbaric land at that time. Not only was it divided by warlords and fighting internally, but it was also often invaded by barbarians from enemy countries.

It can be said that no one in the civil and military circles of the dynasty was willing to clean up this mess.

But it happened that Rufus Rhys did this.

After settling in West LucoziaRufus Rhys only had 300 personal guards in his hands.

And it was with these three hundred people that he conquered all the warlord forces in the eighteen cities of West Lucozia in just three years.

When the news came back to Stonia, the government and the public were shocked.

No one knows how Rufus Rhys did it. In the eyes of the civil and military officials of the Manchu Dynasty, this was an incredible thing.

From then on, Rufus Rhys began to recruit troops and formed his first army, the Black Dragon Army.

At first, the Black Dragon Army’s reputation was not good, and everyone was not optimistic about it.

As a result, the first battle with the Western barbarians shocked everyone.

In that battle, Rufus Rhys only used 8,000 West Lucozia cavalry to kill the barbarian army of 200,000 and fled.

So far, a blockbuster!

In the next ten years, Western barbarians invaded many times and fought dozens of battles, large and small, but were completely defeated by the Black Dragon Army.

The most classic battle was when Rufus Rhys led 100,000 cavalry to chase down Barbarian’s 500,000-strong army. They fought from inside the country to outside the country, passed through the border and beheaded generals all the way, and captured fifteen cities in a row until they reached the gate of Barbarian’s imperial city.

The Manzi Emperor was so frightened that he peeed and ran away for his life all night long, and at the same time begged the Dragonmarsh Kingdom for peace.

If it weren’t for the Dragon Guard Pavilion getting in the way and issuing nine golden orders, Rufus Rhys would be summoned back to the capital in a hurry.

In that battle, the barbarians were expected to perish.

After this battle, the barbarians were completely defeated. For more than ten years, they did not dare to invade the country.

The people of West Lucozia were also able to recuperate and rebuild their homes.

Because of Rufus Rhys’s talents and strategies, West Lucozia, which was originally desolate, has now become a prosperous place that is not inferior to Stonia.

This is an unprecedented and unprecedented achievement.

So I say, your father Rufus Rhys is a very great person.

The title of King of West Lucozia is well deserved! “

At the end, Margaret couldn’t help but feel a little more admiration in her beautiful eyes.

An unparalleled hero like Rufus Rhys is really rare to see in a thousand years!

“I didn’t expect you to know so much.”

Dustin took a deep breath and sighed: “To be honest, I have never heard Rufus Rhys mention these things. I only know that he is powerful, but I don’t understand his life, because in front of me, he will always be His smiling appearance is very informal and has no dignity at all.”

Rufus Rhys is not only a good prince, but also a good father. What happened in the past is in the past. I hope you can cherish the time in the future.” Margaret said seriously.

Rufus Rhys takes most of the credit for the Dragonmarsh Kingdom’s peace and prosperity.

For this legendary prince, she hoped from the bottom of her heart that he would be happy and die in peace.

“In the future? Is there a future?”

Dustin murmured to himself, feeling sad.

Rufus Rhys devoted his whole life to serving the country, the people and his family.

Now that the deadline is approaching, what can he, a son, do?

In the face of life and death, he suddenly discovered that those misunderstandings in the past were so worth mentioning.

Looking back now, what he did was indeed too willful.

Logan Rhys, where should we go next?” Margaret suddenly asked.

“Go to the Rhys Family Cemetery.”

Dustin turned his head and looked out the window and said softly: “I haven’t been back for ten years. I have to go to worship my mother first.”

Hearing this, Margaret nodded slightly and said nothing more knowingly.

Princess internal energyn is a rare hero among women.

The acquaintance with the King of West Lucozia back then is also a well-known story.

It’s a pity that beauties have a bad life, and God is jealous of talented people.

If it weren’t for the conspiracy of the Dragon Guard Pavilion back then, Princess internal energyn would be living well now, right?


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