Chapter 1750

Chapter 1750​

The Rhys Family Cemetery, also known as the Wang Family Cemetery, covers an area of 800 acres.

The scenery inside is beautiful, with green trees, wide roads and complete facilities.

A large number of flowers, plants and trees are planted in the cemetery, with different scenery in each season.

In spring, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and the sea of flowers is gorgeous; in summer, the green grass is cool and pleasant; in autumn, the maple leaves fall, which is beautiful; in winter, the snow is capped and covered with silver.

The Rhys Family cemetery is open. Not only the children of the Rhys Family are buried there, but also many soldiers who made contributions to West Lucozia.

Every year during Qingming Festival and Double Ninth Festival, the Rhys Family cemetery becomes crowded.

Some are to pay homage to deceased relatives, while others are to express gratitude to martyrs.

In this regard, West Lucozia people attach great importance to it.

Because they all know that the happy and healthy life they have now is all earned by the martyrs with their lives.

An hour later, Dustin and Margaret arrived at the main entrance of the Rhys Family cemetery by car.

In order to avoid revealing their identities, both of them made simple disguises this time.

Margaret put on a textile human skin mask and changed into a more ordinary face.

This was the preparation I made before coming. After all, when you come to West Lucozia, you can’t wear a hat and veil all day long, as this will attract more attention.

It is worth mentioning that even with Cornelius’s ordinary face, Margaret still gives people an extraordinary feeling.

Regardless of her figure or temperament, she looks very outstanding. When walking in the cemetery, she will attract the attention of many men.

This is the gold content of the top of the rouge list. Even if you don’t look at the face, it still has an inexplicable attraction.

Dustin walked step by step deeper into the cemetery according to his memory.

If I remember correctly, my mother’s tomb should be at the very end, in a relatively quiet place.

After walking for about ten minutes, Dustin finally found the tomb of Princess internal energyn.

Compared with other cemeteries, the tomb of Princess internal energyn is undoubtedly more magnificent.

There is a stone wall surrounding the cemetery, and in the center of the stone wall is another arched stone door.

Directly in front of the stone gate, there is a stone statue of Princess internal energyn.

The stone statues are vividly carved and surrounded by flowers. It is obvious that someone often worships them.

Qin Suzhen’s prestige in West Lucozia is second only to Rufus Rhys.

When Rufus Rhys was developing his military, resisting foreign enemies, and suppressing rogue bandits, it was Qin Suzhen, the princess, who managed all internal affairs in West Lucozia.

Whether it is economic development, improvement of people’s livelihood, or social security, Qin Suzhen manages everything in an orderly manner.

During difficult times, Qin Suzhen worked and ate together with the common people, without any airs of a princess.

It is precisely because of Qin Suzhen’s hard work that he laid a solid foundation for West Lucozia, which created the legendary life of West Lucozia King Rufus Rhys, created the undefeated myth of the Black Dragon Army, and created the prosperity of West Lucozia today.

It was Qin Suzhen and Rufus Rhys who jointly created this world.

So even in the past ten years, people still come to pay homage to Qin Suzhen every day and express their gratitude.

Looking at the stone statue standing in front of him, Dustin almost had tears in his eyes.

Although ten years have passed, my mother’s voice, appearance, and smile still seem to remain yesterday.

It’s okay not to think about it usually, but now when I see things and think about people, the feeling of intimacy and longing floods into my heart instantly.

“Mom, I’m sorry, my son is late.”

Dustin walked to the stone statue and knelt down with a “dong” sound. His eyes were slightly red and the corners of his mouth were trembling: “I didn’t expect that ten years have passed in the blink of an eye. My son is unfilial. Come to see you.”

“My son has sworn that he will find out the murderer and avenge you. Before that, my son really has no face to see you.”

“Ten years have passed, and now the mastermind behind the scenes has been killed. All the accomplices back then have been killed and injured. Now, only a few remnants are left.”

“Son, I promise that I will kill all those who harmed you. I will make those beasts pay the price with their blood!”


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