Chapter 1756

Chapter 1756​

Half an hour later.

A commercial vehicle stopped at the entrance of Connorcheng Wanli Bar.

Dustin and Margaret got out of the car one after another. Both of them had been disguised, so they were not worried about their identities being exposed.

Connorcheng Wanli Bar is very large and there is a queue outside.

Fortunately, Dustin and the two were assisted by a secret agent, and they entered the bar smoothly.

In the bar, the sound is noisy and the lights are dazzling.

A group of men and women danced crazily to the music, unleashing their passion.

Dustin frowned slightly, he really didn’t like this noisy environment.

“What? You rarely come to the bar?” Margaret smiled sideways.

“I can only say that this place is not suitable for me.” Dustin replied.

He would rather read at home than suffer in a place like this.

“You can still give it a try if you have the chance. Look how happy they are dancing.” Margaret smiled.

“The life of feasting and feasting is just a passing thing after all. If everyone is like this, then this country will not be strong.” Dustin said calmly.

“You, you are so boring. Now the people of West Lucozia live and work in peace and contentment, isn’t it a good thing?” Margaret said.

“It is good to live and work in peace and contentment, but we must not forget our original aspirations. The glory that West Lucozia has today is all earned with the blood of the martyrs of our ancestors. If even heroes like Liu Cheng are bullied and unfairly If you want to extend your business, you have to find the root cause of the problem. After the prosperity, there are too many pests that breed!” Dustin looked serious.

While the two were talking, the spy beside them suddenly pointed to somewhere on the second floor and said, “Look, that’s Su Connor!”

Dustin followed the sound and saw a booth on the second floor.

A young man with slicked-back hair, earrings, and fancy dress was drinking with a group of friends.

And beside everyone, there were two beauties with good figures sitting.

I had a lot of fun drinking, touching and kissing, so happy.

“Go and guard the door. If anything unusual happens, notify us immediately.”

After Dustin ordered a secret agent, he took Margaret with him to the second floor.

However, when he reached the stairs, he was stopped by two powerful bodyguards.

“Upstairs is a private area, and no one else is allowed to come near.” A bodyguard said.

“I’m looking for Su Connor. I have something to discuss.” Dustin said calmly.

“Do you know Mr. Su?” The bodyguard looked up and down, a little suspicious.

“What, do you have any objections?” Dustin glanced coldly.

His arrogant attitude actually frightened the two bodyguards.

You know, those who can hang out with Su Connor are either rich and young, or high-ranking officials.

The person in front of me could call Su Connor by his first name, so he was obviously not an ordinary person.

“Wait a moment, I will inform Mr. Su.”

One of the bodyguards didn’t say much, ran upstairs quickly, whispered a few words to Su Connor, and pointed in the direction of Dustin.

Su Connor glanced at Dustin, and finally his eyes rested on Margaret’s s*xy figure.

Although she has changed her appearance, Margaret, who is at the top of the rouge list, is still very attractive to men.

“Let them come up.” Su Connor nodded.

There are countless people who want to see him every day. In his opinion, Dustin and the two of them should be here to please him.

Normally, he would naturally not be interested in summoning her, but that woman was a bit special and looked very interesting.

“You two, Mr. Su, please come up.”

The bodyguard came back and made an inviting gesture to Dustin and the other two.


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