Chapter 1766

Chapter 1766​

When Dustin walked out of the basement full of anger.

The dandy boys in the Juyi Hall had all fallen to the ground, wailing incessantly.

Margaret was the only one standing quietly at the door.

“These guys are stubborn and were planning to attack me just now, so I gave them a lesson.” Margaret explained.

“It was too gentle.”

Dustin glanced around and saw that all the dudes had only one broken leg.

Compared to the evil they had done, it was nothing worth mentioning.

“How’s it going? Have you found Liu Zitong?” Margaret asked.

“Found it, it’s in the basement, but she’s not the only one, there are dozens of innocent girls.” Dustin looked gloomy.

“Huh? What’s going on?” Margaret was slightly stunned.

“You’ll know when you go down and see for yourself.” Dustin did not explain.

Margaret nodded and immediately walked into the basement.

Dustin took out his mobile phone and dialed a certain number.

After a while, Sun Tong walked in with a few female spies in a hurry.

Several female spies were carrying two suitcases in their hands.

After the previous ambush incident at the Dragon Protection Pavilion, Sun Tong’s loyalty and ability to do things were recognized by Dustin.

This time when he returned to West LucoziaDustin left Sun Tong with him.

“Young Master, what you want is ready. Please take a look.”

Sun Tong first saluted and then waved, signaling the female spies to open their suitcases.

The suitcase was filled with all kinds of women’s clothing.

“There are many girls imprisoned in the basement, put these clothes on them, and then arrange a safe place for them to stay.” Dustin ordered.


Sun Tong responded and immediately started to take action.

At this time, Margaret also walked out of the basement.

But at this moment, her face became particularly ugly, and along with it, there was uncontrollable anger.

“This group of unscrupulous beasts actually treat people as slaves. What a heinous crime!” Margaret said angrily.

As a woman, she naturally feels more sympathetically.

Being locked up in this dark place, not only were they violated every day, but they were also subjected to all kinds of inhuman torture.

Without dignity, without freedom, life is worse than that of a dog.

For these girls, this basement is simply a hellish existence.

“Not only that, I just asked, after these beasts kidnap girls, in order to avoid trouble, they will eradicate the roots and kill all the parents and relatives of the girls.” Dustin said solemnly.

“What? There is such a thing?”

Margaret’s beautiful eyes widened, almost spitting fire: “These inhuman beasts actually kill innocent people indiscriminately and take human life lightly. They really deserve death!”

As she spoke, she couldn’t help but get angry and kicked a dude next to her several times.

“Yes, they deserve death.”

Dustin’s eyes were filled with murderous intent, but his face did not fluctuate much.

Because in his eyes, these dudes are already dead people.

“Young Master, all the girls have boarded the car safely. Do you have any other instructions?”

At this time, Sun Tong came over again.

The girls who were in the basement just now have all changed their clothes and got into the car prepared outside.


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