Chapter 1767

Chapter 1767​

“Take away the leaders Wang Bo and Su Connor, and kill all the others.” Dustin said coldly.


Sun Tong responded without any hesitation, directly raised the butcher knife and began to clean up the scum.

For a moment, the entire Juyi Hall exploded.

Some screamed, some begged for mercy, some threatened, and there were all kinds of faces.

“Don’t kill me! I have money! I have lots and lots of money! As long as you spare my life, I will give you whatever money you want!”

“Boy! I’m warning you not to mess around. My dad is the deputy commander and has thousands of soldiers under his command. If you dare to touch a hair on my head, my dad will definitely cut you into pieces!”

“Good man! Good man, spare my life! I didn’t do anything. I was wronged. As long as you let me go today, I promise to give you a fortune that will bring you great wealth!”

In the face of life and death, all the playboys were ugly, panicked, and no longer as arrogant and domineering as before.

However, when faced with begging for mercy, Dustin remained unmoved and just watched quietly.

Sun Tong and several spies were even more merciless, and the butcher knife kept falling, harvesting these dirty lives.

These dandy boys have become the worms of West Lucozia. They usually rely on their power to exert power and do whatever they want, and put human lives at risk.

Scum like this must be eradicated!

After some massacre, all the dandy boys fell into a pool of blood, and no one was spared.

Dustin glanced at the plaque hanging above his head, which had the words “Juyi Hall” written on it, and felt it was very ironic.

“Set fire, burn it.”

Dustin said coldly and turned to leave.

Soon, a fire broke out from the Juyi Hall, and in just a few minutes, it spread to the entire Heroes Association.

A few dandy boys who were lucky enough to survive, but who were dying, were directly burned to death.

The fire became more and more fierce, and eventually completely engulfed this filthy place.

Dustin and his group left quietly without leaving any traces.

After settling down a group of innocent girls, Dustin accompanied Liu Zitong to the teahouse they had agreed on before.

At this moment, Liu Cheng was restless in the private room of the teahouse.

But due to his limited mobility, he now has no other choice but to wait here and suffer.

“elder brother?”

At this time, the private room door suddenly opened, and a familiar voice sounded.

Liu Cheng froze and raised his head in surprise.

I saw my younger sister, Liu Zitong, standing timidly at the door, with tears in her eyes.

“Zitong? Is it really you?”

Liu Cheng spoke in a trembling voice, somewhat unbelievable.

“Brother, it’s me, I’m back!”

As soon as Liu Zitong finished speaking, she threw herself into Liu Cheng’s arms and started crying.

All the pain, all the fear, were released at this moment.

“Just come back…just come back.”

Liu Cheng burst into tears and patted his sister’s back gently.

“Brother, I’m so scared. I’m really scared. I thought I would never see you again.” Liu Zitong sobbed, hugging his brother tightly and refusing to let go.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. I will definitely protect you in the future.” Liu Cheng kept comforting.

He knew very well that his sister must have been subjected to inhuman torture after being taken away by those bullies.

Even if I return safely now, it will leave an indelible shadow in my heart in the future.


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