Chapter 1769

Chapter 1769​

At midnight, in front of Su’s house.

A black business car suddenly stopped.

Immediately afterwards, the car door opened and a big, big sack was thrown down.

The sack was stained with blood and seemed to contain a person.

“Hey! What are you doing?!”

Several Su family guards guarding the door quickly noticed something unusual and immediately shouted to stop.

The black business car hit the accelerator and drove away.

Several Su family guards stepped forward cautiously and kicked him with their feet.

The bag shook, and a face full of blood emerged from it. It was Su Connor who had been cut off and beaten half to death.

“Save…save me…save me quickly…”

Su Connor was wailing on the verge of death, as if he would belch at any moment.

When the guards took a closer look, their expressions suddenly changed.

“It’s the eldest young master! Hurry! Send the eldest young master to the hospital quickly!”

The guards did not dare to hesitate and immediately rushed the seriously injured Su Connor to the hospital for rescue.

Soon, the entire Su family was in a sensation.

In the early morning, Wangcheng Regional Hospital.

After several hours of resuscitation, Su Connor was finally out of danger and pushed out of the operating room.

At this moment, people were already standing outside the operating room door.

The head of the Su familySu Mingchang, and a group of senior Su family officials were pacing at the door, looking very anxious.

“How is it? How is my son?”

Seeing Su Connor being pushed out the door, Su Mingchang immediately stepped forward to ask.

Master Su, after our full rescue efforts, your son is out of danger, but…” The doctor hesitated to speak.

“Nothing but what?” Su Mingchang’s heart suddenly became anxious again.

“My son’s reproductive organs have been severely damaged. From now on, I’m afraid he will no longer be able to work.” The doctor shook his head.

“What? Can’t do human work? Isn’t this a eunuch?!”

Su Mingchang’s expression changed drastically, and he said hurriedly: “Doctor, I only have a son like this. If you think of a way, no matter how much money you spend, you must cure him!”

Mr. Su, we have tried our best. The injury on your lower body is too serious. There is no cure at all. It will be useless for anyone to replace you.” The doctor looked helpless.

“How could this happen? Is Connor’er really going to die?” Su Mingchang’s face instantly turned pale.

He is just a single child. Now that his son has lost his fertility, what will he do in the future?

Wouldn’t his lineage be cut off?

“Dad…take revenge…help me take revenge…”

At this time, Su Connor opened his eyes weakly and kept mumbling.

Although he was seriously injured, the hatred in his eyes did not diminish at all.


Su Mingchang grabbed Su Connor’s hand and asked with red eyes: “Tell me quickly, who is it? Who hurt you like this? I will cut him into pieces!”


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