Chapter 1772

Chapter 1772​

At five o’clock in the morning, in the central hall of West Lucozia Prince’s Mansion.

Rufus Rhys, wearing a python robe, sat in the middle.

Standing on the left is the guard captain, Shi Changning; standing on the right is the notorious “human killer” Albert.

Under the bright light, Rufus Rhys carefully looked through the pile of letters on the table.

These letters are the result of investigations by the royal palace’s secret agents.

Each letter represents a murderous crime.

There were hundreds of letters stacked on the table, half of which were the crimes of the Su family and the other half were the crimes of the Wang Family.

The two families are almost indistinguishable from each other when it comes to crime.

The more letters Rufus Rhys read, the deeper his frown deepened.

You won’t know if you don’t check, but you’ll be shocked if you check.

He never thought that under his jurisdiction, there would be such corrupt officials who care about human life.

These numerous crimes were obviously not accomplished in a day or two.

“Your Majesty, can you take a rest? Your health is important.”

At this time, Albert, who had a low eyebrow, finally spoke.

“After something like this, how can I have the time to rest?”

Rufus Rhys was so angry that he slapped the table and said with a gloomy face: “Su Mingchang and Wang Songtian are really courageous! Relying on their own power, they act in every way and even do tricks under my nose. It’s simply You didn’t take me seriously!”

“My lord, what caused such a big fire?”

At this time, a beautiful young woman dressed in luxurious clothes walked in.

The visitor is none other than Princess Princess Elara of West Lucozia.

“See for yourself!”

Rufus Rhys threw the letter in his hand aside.

Princess Elara picked up the letter and looked at it. Her pupils shrank and she looked a little surprised.

“Is this Mr. Su’s crime?” Princess Elara asked tentatively.

“Not just Su Mingchang, but also Wang Songtian!”

Rufus Rhys pushed all the piles of letters in front of Princess Elara and said coldly: “These two guys are corrupt, perverting the law, disregarding human lives, and committing crimes. They are full of evil! What you see is just the evidence I collected. Their true crimes are far more than that!”

“how so?”

Princess Elara frowned slightly: “Your Majesty, Mr. Su and Mr. Wang have been with you for many years. They have always worked hard and have never heard of any scandals. Is there any misunderstanding?”


Rufus Rhys snorted coldly: “This is all the result of my personal investigation by my spies. How could there be any misunderstanding?”

“Look at this. Three years ago, in order to seize the Ma family’s property, the Su family kidnapped the head of the Ma family and tortured him for three days and three nights, forcing his wife to hang herself!”

“And this, Su Mingchang’s son Su Connor, because of his desire for beauty, forcibly humiliated the woman in front of her husband, and later buried the couple alive, not even sparing their three-year-old child!”

“The most hateful thing is this. Su Connor, the eldest son of Su, and Wang Bo, the third son of the Wang Family, gathered many dandy boys and formed some kind of hero association. They committed rape, robbery, murder and arson. They committed more than a hundred murders in the past three years. It’s so outrageous for both humans and gods!”

Rufus Rhys opened a letter, photographed it one by one in front of Princess Elara, and said angrily: “Now, do you still think there is a misunderstanding?”

“This…” Princess Elara was speechless for a moment.

She also didn’t expect that Su Mingchang and Wang Songtian were so courageous.

If you’re just greedy for money or something, it doesn’t hurt.

But now, with so many murder cases, the Su family and the Wang Family are afraid that a disaster is coming.


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