Chapter 1778

Chapter 1778​

At this moment, Wang Songtian was completely broken and lost his mind.

In his opinion, he had great merit for his hard work and assisted Rufus Rhys in keeping West Lucozia in order.

West Lucozia’s development today is absolutely inseparable from his contribution.

He was just taking advantage of his position to have some fun, what’s wrong with that?

When you have power, shouldn’t you enjoy it?

Otherwise, what’s the point of being an official?

Besides, it was just the lives of a few untouchables, how could they compare to him, the governor?

Throughout the ages, which powerful person has not had human life in his hands?

He didn’t feel that he had done anything wrong, he just felt that Rufus Rhys was too stupid.

Wang Songtian, until now, you still don’t know how to repent?”

Rufus Rhys shook his head, with a face full of disappointment: “You committed crimes indiscriminately, looked down upon human lives, treated the people like ants, and did too many things that were harmful to nature. How is your behavior different from those barbarians who burned, killed, and looted before?”

“I have merit! It was me who created the prosperity of West Lucozia. It was me who made all the people live and work in peace and contentment. So what if I kill a few insignificant people?” Wang Songtian roared.

Wang Songtian, you have meritorious service, but it is not worth the merit. The meritorious service you have made is not the reason for your evil deeds, nor is it a gold medal for you to avoid death!”

Rufus Rhys angrily yelled: “When we are officials, we serve the people, not oppress them. If everyone thinks and does what you do, West Lucozia will be destroyed sooner or later!”

Wang Songtian, you must be punished if you make a mistake. You have seriously violated the law. Please plead guilty!” Princess Elara said coldly.

“I’m not convinced! I’m not convinced!” Wang Songtian’s eyes were red and he kept roaring.

In the face of life and death, he has completely lost his mind.

“It’s useless if you don’t accept it. Now the evidence is conclusive. No matter how you try to quibble, it won’t help.”

As Rufus Rhys spoke, his eyes suddenly glanced at Albert and asked: “According to West Lucozia law, how should Wang Songtian’s crime be dealt with?”

“Execution by Lingchi.” Albert spat out a few words calmly.

As soon as these words came out, even Princess Elara, who was standing next to him, couldn’t help but shrink his pupils.

Lingchi, also known as death by a thousand cuts, is the most cruel punishment.

A total of 3,600 cuts were required on the criminal, and the last cut was necessary to kill the criminal.

If he had not committed a heinous crime, he would never be betrayed by Lingchi.

Wang Songtian, for the sake of your years of service, pick up the knife and kill yourself!” Rufus Rhys said coldly.

He is giving the other party one last chance, a chance to free himself.

Rufus Rhys! You bastard! I have worked hard with you for many years, and you actually want to kill me? I curse you to die a good death!” Wang Songtian kept roaring, looking like a madman.


Rufus Rhys’s face turned cold and he shouted: “Come here! Drag us down! We will execute you in Lingchi according to the law!”


Two guards walked through the door, held Wang Songtian down, and dragged him away.

Rufus Rhys! You bastard, you are ungrateful, you are crossing the river and burning the bridge. I don’t accept it! I don’t accept it!” Wang Songtian’s eyes widened and he struggled wildly.

However, no matter how he cursed and shouted, he could not escape death in the end.

Albert, please pass on the order. Wang Songtian will be executed in Lingchi, and the Wang Family will be confiscated and exterminated to serve as a warning to others!” Rufus Rhys issued another order.

The occurrence of this kind of thing is enough to prove that West Lucozia is internally corrupt and must be killed to serve as a warning to others!



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