Chapter 1782

Chapter 1782​

“Your Majesty! Your Majesty!”

“Wake up! Wake up!”

Seeing the lifeless Rufus RhysPrincess Elara was distraught and cried loudly.

Everything that just happened happened so suddenly, so unprepared.

So much so that she never expected in her dreams that Rufus Rhys would die in her arms in this way.

The members of the palace who came after hearing the news burst into tears when they saw this scene.

Rufus Rhys was the king of the palace and the whole of West Lucozia. His sudden death was like the sky falling to them.

Time is passing little by little.

The sky is getting brighter.

The entire West Lucozia Palace was enveloped in a sad atmosphere.

The nave, which used to be used for business meetings and entertaining guests, has now been transformed into a mourning hall, with white flags hung in all directions.

An exquisitely carved black coffin stopped in the center.

Inside the coffin, Rufus Rhys, dressed in fine clothes, was lying quietly, looking very peaceful.

At this moment, there were already people kneeling on the ground in the mourning hall.

Most of them were the royal family’s trusted generals and the children of the Rhys Family. All of them wore mourning and mourning on their faces.

Princess Elara knelt at the front, looking at Rufus Rhys’s photo, crying silently.

At this time, Albert suddenly walked into the mourning hall, knelt three times and Bow down and rubbing head on the ground nine times to Rufus Rhys’s photo, and then approached Princess Elara and bowed deeply.

“Princess, the prince’s funeral affairs have been taken care of. According to your instructions, the news will be blocked and handled in a low-key manner so as not to cause panic.” Albert said in a low voice.

“Has the murderer been caught?” Princess Elara wiped away the tears from the corners of his eyes, and his whole person became murderous.

Her husband was assassinated in front of her, and she wanted to skin and twitch the murderer.

“The murderer’s cultivation level is too high, and our people didn’t catch up with him.” Albert replied.

“This matter is related to the remnants of the Dragon Protection Pavilion. Send people to investigate immediately. The murderer must be caught. If necessary, the Black Dragon Army can be called in to suppress it!” Princess Elara said solemnly.

“Yes.” Albert responded and left quietly.

“When will Thorian come back?” Princess Elara looked back at a female guard.

“The young master has been practicing at the border. I have already sent someone to notify him. They will probably arrive in the afternoon.” The female guard whispered back.

“The notice goes down, the palace is under martial law, no one is allowed to leave without authorization.” Princess Elara issued another order.

“Yes!” The female guard bowed and bowed respectfully.

“My lord, don’t worry, I will definitely avenge you!”

Princess Elara looked at Rufus Rhys’s photo, murmured in a low voice, stood up and walked out of the mourning hall, heading straight to the back garden.

At this moment, in the back garden.

A group of fully armed royal guards were waiting in full formation.

The leader is none other than Shi Changning.

General Shi, are you ready?”

Princess Elara glanced left and right, taking in a panoramic view of this elite team of a hundred people.

These personal guards are all masters secretly cultivated by the palace and named Youlongwei.

The Wandering Dragon Guards are carefully selected from the Black Dragon Army. Each of them is one of a million beings. They are not only powerful, but also absolutely loyal.

They can sacrifice their lives for the palace without hesitation.

She would never use the Dragon Guard easily unless absolutely necessary.

“Back to Princess, all the Dragon Guards have been assembled, please give instructions!” Shi Changning lowered his head and clasped his hands in fists.

“The assassination of the prince is no accident. Without the help of the inner ghost, the assassin would not have been able to break into the palace quietly. So now, the crisis in the palace has not been resolved, and we must be prepared.” Princess Elara said.


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