Chapter 1783

Chapter 1783​

“What does the princess mean, let us find out the evildoer?” Shi Changning asked.

“No, I have left it to Albert to find out the mole and track down the murderer. Your task is more important.”

Princess Elara said with a serious face: “The situation in West Lucozia has been unstable in the past few years. In the past, the prince was in charge, and those young people did not dare to act recklessly, but now that the prince has passed away, West Lucozia will definitely be in chaos, and our palace will bear the brunt and become the leader of all target to hit.

The reason why I summoned you Dragon Guards is to let them protect the safety of the palace. No matter who it is, if anyone dares to plot evil against the palace, they will be killed immediately without mercy! “

“I will understand!” Shi Changning responded.

In extraordinary times, extraordinary things are done. The prince is deceased, and the palace will soon be in turmoil. If the situation cannot be calmed down.

Not only is the palace in danger, West Lucozia will become divided again, and the princes will be divided.

By then, I’m afraid there will be chaos in the world!

General Shi, you are the prince’s confidant and the pillar of our palace. The next thing depends entirely on you.” Princess Elara said seriously.

“The general is willing to be shattered into pieces to protect the palace!” Shi Changning’s expression was determined.

The prince was assassinated, and as the captain of the personal guard, he could not escape the blame.

If it weren’t for the fact that the palace was hiring people right now, he would have died to apologize.

General Shi, I have blocked the news. Not many people know that the prince has passed away. Watch carefully for a while. Most of the people who come to express condolences have evil intentions. Anyone who dares to be arrogant will be captured directly!” Princess Elara ordered again.

“I will understand!” Shi Changning nodded.

The prince’s death must not be hidden from everyone, especially those who harbor evil intentions. They have already placed spies in the palace.

Once he learns that the prince has passed away, he will definitely come to test the truth and even take the opportunity to launch an attack.

Today, the palace is destined to be unable to calm down.

In the west of the city, inside an old house with simple decoration.

Dustin just got up, opened the door and saw a dozen young girls standing outside.

Moreover, each of them is as beautiful as a flower and has excellent temperament. If they participate in a beauty pageant, they will basically be among the best.

“Didn’t I tell you to go home? Why are you still here?” Dustin was a little strange.

The group of young girls in front of him were the poor people he rescued from the Heroes Association last night.

However, he had arranged for his subordinates to send these girls back home, and also gave each of them a generous amount of money, which was enough for them to tide over the difficulties.

Unexpectedly, half of the people stayed in the old house at dawn.

“My benefactor, we have no home, please take us in.”

A girl in yellow clothes with a delicate face spoke boldly.

“Take in?”

Dustin was stunned for a moment, looking left and right, a little confused.

“Brother, they are all pitiful people. Why don’t you just accept them?”

At this time, Margaret suddenly stepped forward to persuade.

The two of them are currently pretending to be brother and sister, and they still have to pretend a little bit in front of outsiders.

“Hey! What are you doing?”

Dustin pulled Margaret aside and asked in a low voice.

“Brother, their parents have been killed. They don’t even have any relatives in the family. They are truly homeless.”

Margaret persuaded in a low voice: “And most of them are still underage. After experiencing that kind of darkness, they can no longer trust anyone. They only believe in you now. If you don’t take them in, they may I don’t even have the courage to live.”

“I’m in a lot of trouble now, how can I still have the energy to take care of them? Aren’t you causing trouble for me?” Dustin frowned slightly.

He was able to rescue these girls and give them money, which was considered to be the most benevolent thing.

In his current situation, there is absolutely nothing he ca


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