Chapter 1785

Chapter 1785​

The other girls Bow down and rubbing head on the ground to the ground one after another, showing their sincerity.

Seeing this scene, Dustin couldn’t help being stunned.

The words of the girl in yellow were shocking.

He really didn’t expect that after going through hell, these girls would not think about themselves, but all the vulnerable groups in the world.

Even he couldn’t achieve this ambition and awareness.

As Margaret said before, this is a group of girls who are in darkness but have a bright heart.

Rare, valuable and admirable.

Who says women are inferior to men?

In the face of true justice, it is this group of heroines who hold up half the sky.

With such a group of righteous and brave people, why worry about West Lucozia not being prosperous? Why worry about the world being unfair?

“Brother, make a decision? If you don’t accept them, they will have no hope of living.” Margaret said seriously.

“Don’t you regret your choice?” Dustin said solemnly.

“I will never regret it!” all the girls said in unison.

“Okay! I promise you!”

Dustin said seriously: “From today on, I will arrange for someone to carry out special training for you. If you can persist, I will try my best to help you realize your ambition. If not, then you can find a place to live peacefully.”

“I will never let down my benefactor!” the girl in yellow said in a sonorous and powerful voice.

“I will never live up to my benefactor’s high expectations!” The other girls spoke one after another.

Qin Yu nodded and looked at Margaret: “Sister, I will leave them to you for the time being. I will arrange their whereabouts tomorrow.”

“no problem.”

Margaret smiled slightly, then led a group of girls and left quickly.

As soon as everyone left, Sun Tong ran in hurriedly.

His expression looked very panicked, as if something big had happened.

“Your Highness! It’s not good!”

As soon as he saw DustinSun Tong made a “plop” sound, knelt down directly on the ground, and said with red eyes: “There has been an accident in the palace. The prince was assassinated by an assassin and has passed away!”


As soon as these words came out, Dustin stood stunned on the spot as if he had been struck by lightning.

After being stunned for two seconds, Dustin suddenly came to his senses, grabbed Sun Tong, and roared: “What are you talking about? The palace is heavily guarded and there are many masters. How could Rufus Rhys be assassinated?!”

“Your Highness, I can’t believe this is true, but this is news from within the palace. I have verified it repeatedly. The prince… was indeed assassinated!” Sun Tong’s voice trembled, with a hint of laughter. Crying.

“No, it’s impossible, absolutely impossible!”

Dustin kept shaking his head: “Rufus Rhys is well-planned and thoughtful. He can save the day every time he is assassinated. How could he die this time?”

“It’s the remnants of the Dragon Protection Pavilion! They assassinated the prince!” Sun Tong said with a face full of grief and anger.

“Dragon Protecting Pavilion… It’s Dragon Protecting Pavilion again!”

Dustin gritted his teeth and his eyes almost burst into flames: “These beasts, I will cut them into pieces!”


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