Chapter 1788

Chapter 1788​

As soon as these words came out, Harmon Liang and Gao Yuan’s expressions changed instantly.

The two of them came here today just to show off their prestige, but they never thought that Princess Elara could be so strong.

Opening your mouth is a sign of rebellion.

If this guilt were pinned on them, the two of them might not be able to get out of the palace gate.

“Princess, please stop joking. Rebellion means beheading. Even if you lend us a hundred courages, we wouldn’t dare to do such a thing!” Gao Yuan explained repeatedly.

“That’s right. We have always been loyal to the prince. How could we do such a treasonous thing?” Harmon Liang denied.

Although both of them have some ambition, they obviously will not put it on the table.

At least for now, the time is not yet ripe.

“If you don’t want to rebel, why did you wear armor and enter the house? Do you still understand the rules?” Princess Elara scolded mercilessly.

They were just two second-grade generals. With their military power, they actually dared to slap someone in the palace.

If the prince was still alive, how could these two guys dare to make a mistake?

“Hey! Look at my head, I forgot the rules of the palace, please forgive me.” Harmon Liang laughed.

Then he took off his armor, took off his saber, and handed it to the palace guard.

“We came in a hurry and didn’t think too much. It was really an unintentional move. The princess has a lot of people, so she didn’t care about it.” Gao Yuan smiled and immediately took off his armor and sword.

Seeing this scene, Princess Elara’s expression finally softened, but his tone was still cold: “The two generals suddenly came to visit, why?”

“I heard that the prince was assassinated and was surrounded by danger, so the two of us came here to send our regards.” Gao Yuan said hypocritically.

“Your information is quite good, but it’s too late.” Princess Elara said coldly.

“Late? What do you mean?” The two pretended to be confused.

Princess Elara didn’t bother to explain, turned around and left, heading straight to the mourning hall.

Although there was no movement outside the palace, the palace was full of white flags, and she was still wearing linen and white clothes. Anyone who was not blind would know what happened.

The two guys in front of her were obviously pretending to be stupid, so she naturally didn’t want to talk nonsense.

“Let’s go and take a look.”

Harmon Liang and Gao Yuan winked at each other and followed Princess Elara into the mourning hall.

There were still many people kneeling in the mourning hall at this moment.

Rufus Rhys’s body was lying quietly in the coffin.

Harmon Liang and Gao Yuan walked into the mourning hall and took a look, feeling secretly happy.

They had only received the news before, but did not dare to confirm it. Now that they saw it with their own eyes, their hanging hearts finally dropped.

Of course, despite being secretly happy, superficial work still needs to be done.

“What? The prince is actually dead? How could this happen?”

After seeing the photo of the deceased, Harmon Liang deliberately showed an exaggerated expression and said with grief on his face: “The prince was blessed with great fortune and destiny. How could he die?”

As he said that, Harmon Liang suddenly rushed to the coffin and began to cry loudly: “Your Majesty! You are in such misery! It’s all my fault that the general came late to save you and failed to protect your safety. The general is really ashamed!”

Your Majesty! You are still the lord of the palace, and even more so the lord of West Lucozia. If you just leave like this, what will we do?

Your Majesty, wake up, wake up! “

Harmon Liang kept howling and beating his chest and feet in various ways, looking like a filial son.

However, after shouting for a long time, not a single tear was shed.

The traces of the performance were too heavy, and Princess Elara looked at it coldly without any reaction at all.

“My lord! Have a good journey!”


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