Chapter 1789

Chapter 1789​

Gao Yuan suddenly shouted, fell to his knees and Bow down and rubbing head on the ground three times.

There were tears in his eyes, looking like he had lost a loved one.

Although it is also a performance, it is much more real than Harmon Liang.

“The General Hussars has arrived!”

At this time, a loud shout sounded outside the door.

Immediately afterwards, a middle-aged man wearing golden armor, a heroic face, and extraordinary weapons walked in fiercely.

This person is none other than the first-grade hussar general, Dustin Kate!

Dustin Kate was not only a hussar general, but also the cousin of Rufus Rhys.

Dustin Kate has been talented in both civil and military arts since he was a child, and he is excellent in all aspects.

If it weren’t for Rufus Rhys’s existence, he would definitely be the most outstanding genius of the Rhys Family.

But unfortunately, in front of an unparalleled hero like Rufus Rhys, no matter how powerful a genius is, he will become eclipsed.

“Meet the General!”

After seeing Dustin KateHarmon Liang and Gao Yuan immediately put away their hypocritical expressions and bowed respectfully.

Both of them were supported by Dustin Kate and were truly trusted generals.

Just like the relationship between Rufus Rhys and Shi Changning, both prospered and suffered losses.


Dustin Kate ignored his two confidants and fell to his knees with a “plop” as soon as he entered the mourning hall.

His eyes were red, his lips were trembling, and his face looked sad and angry.

“How could this happen? How could my eldest brother die? Who did it?!”

Dustin Kate’s eyes turned red and he roared angrily.

“They are the remnants of Hulong Pavilion. They sent assassins to sneak into the mansion and assassinated the prince last night.” Princess Elara’s face was uncertain.

“Dragon Protection Pavilion?”

Dustin Kate gritted his teeth, filled with anger, and immediately shouted: “Come here! Assemble the army immediately, search the whole city, and the murderer must be caught and brought to justice!”


Princess Elara suddenly stopped her: “Kate, I know you are sad, but you can’t make the matter bigger now.”

“My eldest brother is already dead, what else is there to be afraid of? I must make the murderer pay the price!” Dustin Kate said angrily.

“It is precisely because the prince is dead that we must calm down!”

Princess Elara said solemnly: “West Lucozia is not stable now. Once the news of the prince’s death spreads, it will inevitably have a huge impact and even trigger a war. By then, the entire West Lucozia will be in dire straits. among.”

“Then what should we do? We can’t let the murderer go, right?” Dustin Kate was very dissatisfied.

“I have sent Albert to investigate the murderer’s matter, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

Princess Elara shook his head and followed: “As a hussar general, you are in charge of half of West Lucozia’s troops. Now we need you most to stabilize the situation and quell the civil strife.”

“Sister-in-law! The Black Dragon Army obeys the orders of my eldest brother. Although I have the title of General of the Hussars, without military symbols, I still cannot mobilize the Black Dragon Army on a large scale. If I encounter any trouble, it will be difficult to solve. “Dustin Kate looked embarrassed.

“Yes, Princess, judging from the future, you might as well hand over the military talisman to the general. In this way, the safety of the palace can be guaranteed.” Gao Yuan said.

“That’s right. A country cannot be without a master, and an army cannot be without a commander. Since the prince has passed away, the position of marshal of troops and horses can only be filled by the general!” Harmon Liang said meaningfully.

Seeing the faces of several people singing along, Princess Elara suddenly understood.

These guys came not to express condolences, but to seize power!


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