Chapter 1790

Chapter 1790​

“The position of Generalissimo of the West Lucozia Army is very important. Not only does it require internal voting, but it also has to be reported to the officials. The final decision is made by the officials. We cannot make the decision without authorization.” Princess Elara’s eyes were wary.

When Dustin Kate arrived, she initially thought it was a sign of deep brotherly love.

However, a few words between Harmon Liang and Gao Yuan made her suddenly realize that things were not simple.

Dustin Kate’s prestige in the Black Dragon Army is second only to the prince.

As a hussar general, the opponent not only has many trusted generals, but also possesses half of the military power.

After the death of the prince, the person who benefited the most was Dustin Kate.

The most important thing is that Dustin Kate has now shown his ambition.

As soon as the prince died, the other party was eager to seize power. She had to suspect that he had ulterior motives.

In fact, the death of the prince might be due to secret collusion between these people and the remnants of the Dragon Guard Pavilion!

If this is the case, once Dustin Kate is allowed to fully control the military power, the consequences will be unimaginable!

“Princess, as the saying goes, the first thing to do is to follow the authority. In this situation, how can there be time to leave it to the officials to decide? We must speed up to stabilize the situation.” Harmon Liang continued.

“That’s right!”

Gao Yuan nodded in agreement: “The general is out there, and the military orders are not respected. The officials don’t understand the situation at all and can’t make a decision. We must make the decision ourselves to avoid giving some small opportunities to take advantage of.”

“Even if it doesn’t need to be reported to the officials, it must go through internal voting in order to convince the public.” Princess Elara added.

“Vote? Do you still need to vote? Looking at the entire West Lucozia, who is more suitable to be a marshal than the general?” Harmon Liang said.

“Yes, Princess! In terms of merit, prestige, qualifications, and martial arts, except for the prince, no one can compare with the general. The position of marshal must belong to the general!” Gao Yuan boasted.

“I think it’s still too impatient. We can postpone the selection of the general marshal and wait until the palace’s troubles are resolved.” Princess Elara tried to change the subject.

I have to admit that Dustin Kate is indeed the number one person under the prince in the Black Dragon Army.

But if the other party really colludes with the remnants of the Dragon Protection Pavilion, once he takes the position of the military marshal, he will undoubtedly attract the wolf into the house.

By then, the palace will be in danger!

“The trouble in the palace is because no one can control the situation. As long as the general is in power, who among the young people in the world will dare to act rashly?” Harmon Liang said in a somewhat arrogant tone.

“That’s right! After the general takes office, he can catch the murderer faster and avenge the prince. At the same time, he can stabilize West Lucozia and shock all directions. It is a hundred benefits without any harm!” Gao Yuan continued to boast.

Seeing the two people entangled all the time, Princess Elara couldn’t help but frown slightly.

Now that Dustin Kate was so powerful, she didn’t dare to offend him easily. If the other party wanted to rebel, no one would be able to stop him.

“Princess! What are you still hesitating about? If the prince were alive, he would definitely agree to do this!” Harmon Liang began to urge.

“The prince has just passed away. If anything happens, we will wait until the funeral is over.” Princess Elara said solemnly.

“We can’t wait any longer! If the remnants of the Dragon Guard Pavilion come to kill you again, I’m afraid your life will be in danger!” Harmon Liang said seriously.

“Yes, Princess! Now we can only rely on the general. We have no other choice. You’d better make a decision quickly!” Gao Yuan said.

The two sang in harmony, and there was a hint of threat in their words.

As for Dustin Kate, he sat firmly on Diaoyutai and ignored his two subordinates.

Now that Rufus Rhys is dead, no one in West Lucozia can suppress him.

“If the remnants of the Dragon Guard Pavilion dare to come, I will let them die without a burial place!”

At this time, a cold and stern voice suddenly sounded outside the mourning hall.


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