Chapter 1791

Chapter 1791​

Everyone looked back and saw a young man wearing coarse linen clothes and a filial belt tied on his head walking in with a cold expression.

The man was calm and intimidating, with a sense of evil aura all over his body. Even Harmon Liang and Gao Yuan, who had been on the battlefield for a long time, couldn’t help but concentrate slightly and became serious when they saw this.

The person who came was none other than Rufus Rhys’s youngest son, Thorian Rhys!

Thorian Rhys was born with a golden key in his mouth and was loved by all. His previous behavior was also extremely absurd, and he was called the number one dandy in West Lucozia.

But in the past two years, Thorian Rhys seemed to have changed. He no longer idled around, fighting dogs and walking birds.

Instead, he entered the army and started working hard.

At first, everyone thought that Thorian Rhys would not be able to stay in the military camp for three days.

After all, how could the little prince, who had been pampered since childhood, endure the hardships of the military camp?

As a result, no one expected that Thorian Rhys could not help but gain a firm foothold in the military camp, and he repeatedly performed extraordinary feats.

In just two years, he grew from a small soldier to a deputy general of the Black Dragon Army.

Even with the halo of status, this achievement is very scary.

It was only then that people discovered that Thorian Rhys was not a spoiled playboy, but a real military genius.

Thorian! Are you finally back?”

After seeing her son, Princess Elara’s beautiful eyes turned red, and the sadness that she had finally suppressed couldn’t help but surge up again.

“Mom, I already know the matter. Don’t worry, I will take care of everything.”

Thorian Rhys nodded towards his mother, then turned his eyes to Harmon Liang and Gao Yuan: “Two generals, my father has just passed away and his body is still cold. Is it appropriate for you to be aggressive here?”


Harmon Liang glanced at Gao Yuan and said bravely: “Little prince, please don’t misunderstand. We are all thinking about the overall situation. Now the palace is leaderless, and someone needs to take the lead, otherwise there will be a lot of trouble.”

“Yes, little prince, everything is based on the overall situation!” Gao Yuan put on a loyal look.

“Big picture?”

Thorian Rhys sneered and stopped talking to the two of them. Instead, he looked at Dustin Kate and said, “Third uncle, don’t you have anything to say?”

“I am also very sad about the death of my eldest brother, but we cannot be immersed in grief, because the people of West Lucozia still need us.”

Dustin Kate said, walked to the coffin, looked at Rufus Rhys’s body, and said in a choked voice: “I believe that my eldest brother’s spirit in heaven must also hope that we can protect the palace and the people of West Lucozia. Although I am not as capable as my eldest brother, I also hope I can do my little bit to help big brother fulfill his wish!”

These words were spoken with great skill and stood directly on the commanding heights of justice, making it impossible to refute.

I want to ascend to the throne for the sake of the people of West Lucozia. If you stop me, you have ulterior motives and disregard the lives of the people of West Lucozia.

“Third uncle, I agree with what you said, but my father had decided on the position of Grand Marshal before he left, so I’m afraid you will be disappointed.” Thorian Rhys said calmly.

“Have you already made up your mind?” Li Kate frowned: “Who is it?”

“Little prince? You’re not talking about yourself, are you?”

Harmon Liang looked up and down, and said in a strange tone: “Forgive me for being honest. Although you are excellent, young prince, your qualifications, abilities, and prestige are far inferior to those of the general. If you become the marshal of the army, I am afraid that the entire West I don’t even accept the cold!”

“Of course I don’t have the ability to be the marshal of this army, but someone can!” Thorian Rhys said loudly.

“Oh? Who is it?” Harmon Liang asked.

“The Kirin son of the Rhys FamilyLogan Rhys!” Thorian Rhys’s words were astonishing.


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