Chapter 1796

Chapter 1796​

“elder brother?”

Looking at the man who had taken off his human skin mask, Thorian Rhys couldn’t help but be slightly startled, feeling surprised and happy.

The visitor was none other than Logan Rhys, who had sneaked into the palace in disguise.

Thorian, you have grown a lot and are now able to stand alone.”

Dustin looked at his half-brother with a bit of joy in his eyes.

In fact, he heard everything Thorian Rhys and Princess Elara said just now.

He was very moved by his brother Thorian Rhys’s trust.

Of course, Princess Elara’s doubts were not wrong.

Throughout the ages, it is not uncommon for brothers to turn against each other and fathers and sons to fight for power and gain.

It is natural that the other party is his son.

“Brother, when did you return to West Lucozia?” Thorian Rhys asked.

“I just came back two days ago,” Dustin replied.

“Do you know about dad’s matter?” Thorian Rhys’s voice was trembling.

Dustin glanced at the photo on the mourning hall, nodded, and said nothing.

The last time father and son met was in Swinston a year ago.

Unexpectedly, that side would become a farewell forever.

When they met again, he was standing in the mourning hall, while Rufus Rhys was lying in the coffin.

What a twist of fate!

Dustin walked to the coffin and looked at Rufus Rhys inside through the half-open coffin lid.

His face was very peaceful, and he probably didn’t suffer much pain when he walked away.

But for some reason, when he saw that face that he once hated, he couldn’t help but feel sad.

If he could return to West Lucozia earlier, if he could meet his father earlier, maybe this wouldn’t happen, right?

Why? Why does this happen?

Dustin slowly clenched his fists, and his eyes turned red unconsciously.

“Brother, in fact, in the past two years, Dad’s health has been getting worse and worse, and he has relied on some miraculous medicines to survive. The miracle doctor said that Dad is a man with five kinds of decline, and his end is approaching. Instead of aging a little bit until death, this result will be better for Dad. “It’s a relief.” Thorian Rhys said with some choking.

“Has the murderer been caught?” Dustin turned around and asked.

Albert is investigating.” Thorian Rhys said domineeringly.

“Where is the mole hiding in the palace?” Dustin asked again.

“I already have a target, but the situation is unclear now. In order to avoid alerting the enemy, I did not act rashly.” Thorian Rhys said domineeringly.

“Well done. Just keep an eye on the insider for now. Once the mastermind behind the scenes is found out, it won’t be too late to catch them all.” Dustin nodded.

“Brother, now that you are back, it will be easy. Dad has always wanted you to succeed to the throne. From today on, you will be the King of West Lucozia. I will go get the royal seal and the military talisman right away!”

Thorian Rhys said that he was about to leave, but Dustin raised his hand to stop him: “Thorian, I have no interest in the throne. Besides, I have been away from West Lucozia for ten years and my life has changed. You are the legitimate heir. “

“Brother, I know very well how many pounds I have. I can’t be the king of West Lucozia at all. And you are the one who is expected by everyone. Only you can take up this important position!” Thorian Rhys said seriously.

Thorian, you are no worse than me. As long as you have the will, nothing can stop you.” Dustin said.


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